What a wonderful world…

Yes it is indeed a wonderful world…for now at least. Had a really hectic month before this due to exams and unnecessary things like that(preparing for exam..yada yada yada…), and now i shall enjoy my freedom and holidays by sleeping late til afternoon, playing video games like nobody’s business(gonna play Final Fantasy XII) and doing other stuff like drinking booze, get wasted and wolf-whistlng at girls at Bukit Bintang(place where all the supposedly good-looking girls are at, or good-looking fags…). What a wonderful life, and world…

Finally i fell for the temptations of having a blog(i have previousy set up frenster and xanga account, but only managed to post in enties once a year…). Persuaded by my good old fren Joshua(im typing this entry on his iBook now…), i took a step of faith to start a wordpress account, and there you go, my first post in a blog for nearly a year and a half, on my new wordpress blog.

Of course i have others to thank as well for convincng me to start a blog, but of course…to list down everyone and everything, it would eat up all the space in this post, but anyways, yep to those reading this, thanks for reading it, leave your comments if u wan, and yep i will post in entries in the future, if im not too drowned up with my sleep, game and booze la…


2 Responses to “What a wonderful world…”

  1. liesspuntnl Says:

    Great log, good luck with ur Video Games and sleeping..

  2. wow i think i just posted it a few minutes ago, and i got a comment already. Thanks whoever u r, can’t understand ur blog though…would love to drop a comment on ur page, but yes, i shall have fun with my games and beautiful sleep…

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