Why middle-aged women should not drive big cars…

Firstly to middle-aged women(or in reality, we would call them as aunties) who are reading this, or you have someone you knew that fits the bill perfectly, please refrain from driving big cars such as MPV’s and huge cars such as the Toyota Hilux.

I just don’t understand why middle-aged women(MAW) would want to drive a car that’s so ridiculously huge and big. It’s not that they are not supposed to, but they are better off not driving it, because they(MAW) might end up taking someone else’s life…

Here’s my reasons why MAW should not drive big cars:

1) They can’t even see the road that they are driving on, let alone driving sensibly&with responsibility. Sometimes you can only see their hands holding their steering wheel.

2) They think that they own the whole road to themselves, like driving slowly on the fast lane, or by simply hogging two lanes at the same time.

3) They will use the ‘i can’t see you’ excuse if they knock into your car. Then they will quickly call their husbands(if they have one) and continue to use the same old sentence to defend themselves, ‘I can’t see you, you know?’

4) If you knock into their car instead, I really really would symphatise you as the MAWs would then continually lash it out to you(and your passengers at that time as well), mentioning things like ‘You can’t see me is it?’ ‘you wanna die ah?’ and things like that, and might even bring up things not related to the whole thing as well, such as petrol prices went up, toll prices went up and so on.

5) They will use up two parking spaces at the shopping malls, because they think that it’s impossible to park their car in a single parking lot and would assume that there wouldn’t be any problem for others finding parking space.

6) They will use the same theory that driving big cars would make them rulers on the roads that they are driving on, and use it to ‘bully’ other smaller cars like(no offense here) Kancils and Kelisas. They will not allow you to cut inside their lane no matter what the situation is, and if you managed to do so, they will then proceed to do a 5-second long hon, just to show you how angry they are by you cutting into their lane. ‘Scared they cannot hear ma, hon longer so that they can learn their lesson!’ would be their excuse.

7) When they are trying to drive through a tight space, two situations would occur to the MAWs. One is, they would be so confident in going through it, that they will charge through it at a lighting speed(normally they would have stopped halfway already cuz they would have knocked/scratched other vehicles along the way, then they will proceed to use reason no.3 to defend themselves). Second situation would be that they will proceed to hit a 10-second continuos hon to let the whole world know that they can’t cross that tight space, where actually in reality the space could probably fit a whole Hummer.

8) Situations where if their car is actually in stationary mode, example parking along a tight spaced road, they would assume that other cars can pass without any hassle at all, no matter how tight the space is. If they are however forced to drive so that it’ll some space up, they wil somehow be able to knock something along the way, and use that ever-famous line again as mentioned in reason no.3, ‘I can’t see you, you know?’

 So to all MAWs or to those who should be deemed as MAW but are living in denial, just don’t drive big cars, for peace sake. Actually, this whole thing is just my personal vendetta against previous MAWs or current ones who totally pisses me off. Sigh, I wonder how long could I live amongst the cruel, unforgiving and …’I can’t see you mah’ MAWs. Whatever, im off to bed. ZZZ…zzz…


2 Responses to “Why middle-aged women should not drive big cars…”

  1. a little sexest?

  2. I try not to. This is just a personal rant. I believe there are middle aged man who should not drive big cars to match their big egos too.

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