Celebrations and Traffic Jams

The time has come again for chinese people all over the world to celebrate and enjoy the Chinese New Year(CNY) celebrations. Malls will be packed with people dong last minute shoppings, houses will be decorated with red-colored things and other unnecessary things just to block movement within the house, and of course, the money received in small lil red packets for those who are not married, and of course for those who are married, there won’t be so much joy for them as they have to fork out money. The advice is, don’t get married fast, unless you have a lot of cash to spend though…

But the one thing that really bugs me a lot during CNY is none other than traffic jams. Everyone will be going back to their own hometowns to celebrate with their loved ones, or some who don’t have a hometown to go back to will somehow drive to somewhere as well, we don’t know why…lack of attention perhaps? But i just wanna share on my own experience during last year’s CNY. My good fren and I decided to go down to Malacca from KL(to see our girlfriends as well as receiving loads of cash) on the third day of CNY(there’s supposed to be 15 days to CNY, and after this 15 days, there wil be another celebration for those who are without love partners, and to find one they would have to throw oranges with their names and phone number intact, hopefully another person will be as desperate to pick it up and call the number on the orange). So it all goes smoothly at the beginning of the journey, getting ready to eat all the food once we reach there and thinking of the money we are about to get, and when we reach a place called Nilai(about 1 half hours away from our destination, which normally wuld only take about 2hours plus), we got stuck at the jam. It wasn’t because there’s an accident or road closure or what, there’s just too many cars on the road. In the end, we reached Malacca about 4 hrs and 45 minutes later.

Well, all i can say is, traffic jams will come alongside celebrations, or is it celebrations will come alongside traffic jams? Whatever…im gonna be stuck at a traffic jam now as well, and there’s no celebrations after that unfortunately…


2 Responses to “Celebrations and Traffic Jams”

  1. hey lam! remember me? haha, never in my life would I imagine stumbling upon your blog. but it’s great to see fellow friends bloggin.

    anyway happy chinese new year you.

    mind if i linked you?

  2. hi amelia, yeah it’s great to hear from you too, i left a reply on one of your blog’s posts if u dun mind

    Yep happy chinese hew year too and all the best in everything especially ang-pau collecting. Ya sure link me la

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