Youth Alive’s Connect to Kota Kinabalu


I know it’s kinda late by the time i blog about this, after all the event happened almost half a year ago around July 2006. It’s an amazing experience getting to connect and most importantly getting to touch the lives of the people over at KK. We are supposed to head to Penang as well , but the whole thing got postponed last minute. Looking forward for it as well.

We had a lot of fun there, from the endless and tiring soundchecks, eating KFC once we( Lemuel, myself and Hong Liang) reached KK and hearing KK’s Urbad Legend at one of the hills( forgot the name). Thanks to the frenly people over there as well, Chandra, Jeremiah( I shall remember you…), Lionel as well as the rest, for bringing us around Sabah and taking care of our needs. We met a lot of cool people as well, from a girl who plays bass( now, that’s hot!), a soundman who can speak Hakka with me, as well as a girl with a dead bird on her head as decorations.

I can’t really post a lot pictures cuz it’s all from my friend Daniel’s flickr site, and the quality of the picture is not really good, but to those who c dis and was part of the team to KK( All the pastors involved, Pastor Daniel, Pastor Julie, Pas. Michael, Pas. Lisa, just to name a few, my frens and band members from Canaan: Prakash, Hong Liang, Aaron Chew, Lemuel,  from Revival: Justin, Kevan, Kam Fai, from GTPJ: John Koo, Alvina, Amanda, Eluth, Tze Yen, Liang, Daniel[ sorry for posting your pics here, dun sue me], Simon…sorry if i missed out the others!)

All in all, it was a great experience serving God with these people. Thanks for everything.

photos from Daniel Liew’s Flickr page


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