Blast from the past: Cyber Cop rocks!!!


This is one heck of show! I remember watching this show when I was 6 or 7 years old, and this is the one show that I would get up from my nap time( during my younger days) to watch it. I would not miss a single episode of the show. Man, all the memories, the cheesy theme song, the characters. To those who don’t know this show at all (how could you?! ), basically it’s a show on the future( like year 2010, back then 2010 would be deemed as the ‘future’, where there’ll be robots and high tech stuff) set in Japan where the cops(duh!) fight off evil beings who are trying to control the world. The cops have a separate division, if im not mistaken, called ZAC, and there lies the technology and powers for Cyber Cop. There’s three official Cyber Cops at first, which include Mars(green), Saturn(white) and Mercury(blue). The other remaining two Cyber Cops comes from the future(i dunno why already, could not remember), Jupiter(red) and Lucifer. There’s always this girl cop who can’t do anything to save her own life if there’s trouble and will always depend on the Cyber Cops to save her ass.

One thing i’ve always wondered, why Cyber Jupiter( that’s how they are called) goes around in a specialized motorcycle while Cyber Mars, Saturn and Mercury had to be driven around in a jeep? Can’t they get their own bikes? One more thing, Cyber Lucifer can teleport anywhere at will, why can’t Jupiter and the rest teleport? Bugs me when i was a kid…

I’ll never ever forget this show, never ever in my life. I actually want to be a cop last time because of this show! But actually I just wanted the cool gadgets, come on ain’t it cool when you can get your equipments(drills, machine guns, bazookas) from the ground, attach it to your ‘robotic’ arm and start blowing the enemy’s arses away? I had a name for myself too last time, I wanted to call myself Cyber Neptune. Just thought it was cool back then…..

To watch the opening intro for this show, visit to watch it on YouTube.

pictures from Yahoo search engine


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  1. […] finally… When I was a kid, I used to think that Cyber Cop is real (click HERE, did a post on it before). I wanted to be Cyber Uranus or something like that. That’s why […]

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