Introducing, the world’s first church boyband


If you are wondering what happened to boybands and all, dun worry, we have one in our very own Canaan Church. We fit the bill perfectly cuz, in a boyband, there’s always the old fart in the group, like Brian of BSB, which the said position would be filled by the guy on your far left( Lemuel). Then there’s the one who stands out the most, often known as the group leader like Ronan Keating of Boyzone, which would be our dear fren in pink at the center position( Joshua). Then there’s the one who tries to steal away the light from the leader, like Stephen, from, once again, Boyzone, where our Indian fren would second from left would be(Prakash). Then there’s the member who is just there to make the others look good, like Justin Jeffre of 98 degrees( dunno who he is? he’s the bald guy, he’s just so forgettable). And that would be, second from right(Lam). And then there’s the final member, the one who can really sing but can’t compete with the other members in the team, like Simon Webbe of Blue( the negro dude). That would be the one on the farthest right(Ian).

 Wonder what should we call ourselves. Pretty Roses? Lovely Loves? Or Temperature Rising? Can’t take the last one cuz already taken as song title by Tata Young. Catchy song though… El-Ninyo!

photo from Joshua Chay’s Flickr site


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