Another tribute to Tokai…


My guitar and I, deadly combination…

 This is me with my guitar, yes, it’s a Tokai. I know there are a lot of people with different opinions about Tokai, but I’ll stick with mine. It’s by far the best guitar I ever had(which makes sense cuz i only had two guitars including this one, and I got rid of the old one, a Samick…)

Still I would agree that a Gibson would be a better choice than Tokai, but overall, the money you spend on a Gibson, it’s not as worth it as a Tokai, strictly in im opinion.

Earlier today I got a deal to but a 1981 remodelling of 70’s Tokai Strat, RM2.8k. Good condition(haven’t seen it yet, but I trust my source), cream-colored finish. Think I should buy it? Haha, write to me, write to me. Im feeling a lil bit lonely here…

 pic grabbed from Prakash’s flickr site…


7 Responses to “Another tribute to Tokai…”

  1. Steven Wong Says:

    Nice pic. Send to Tokai, maybe they’ll pay you to use the pic for promotion. Don’t take the yen, get more guitars instead.

    But seriously you don’t need another Tokai. The one you have is already good enough. Save the 2.8k for something else or save more money to buy your dream guitar (Hope its not another Tokai, Yikes!!!)


  2. My dream guitar(for now) is definitely a Fender Strat. It completes my collection, since i have the Les Paul model already. I think I’ll skip this one, the Tokai Strat I mean. I think the most possible choice now is to get a Squire Strat, which wont cost much(around 600-700 bucks I think?).
    Haha dun worry Steven if I become the new poster-boy for Tokai, i’ll definitely trade with guitars instead of cash, then i’ll give away the guitars(not the top end ones lah, those I would wanna keep for myself, haha…)

  3. Anyone can tell me how much is a Squire Strat now?

  4. The_YongGrand Says:

    Hey, I happen to have a 60th Anni Strat Fender too, and before that I happen to almost purchase a 2nd hand Tokai one, I think it’s called Silverstar or whatever it is…

    Anyway, this is a really nice guitar. It’s refurbished right? 😀

  5. hey, nice guitar, is it new or used? how much and where you got it from?

    i’m from your secondary school too, still living in kepong, if you’re interested, we can have some blues jam together?

  6. Yeah sure, err, James, I suppose? Have we met before?

    As for the guitar, I bought it 2nd hand. One of the previous posts in this blog (I think it’s the Youth Alive Connect, Kota Kinabalu one…), you can see a picture of me and this Indian dude posing as drag queens, that’s the guitar that I’m having.

  7. Steven Wong Says:

    Eh, do you still need the Squier Strat to quell your urge to buy another guitar? Can take from my house cos I can’t come to church on Saturdays.

    Sms me if this Sunday you r in church.


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