Celebrity Look-alikes(CAUTION: some scenes contain information that some could not understand and accept. Parental supervision is adviced.)

Went to Heritage.com and ran some face look-alikes, and turns out that my baby looks like this Japanese Actress…pretty close comparison at 96%, though im not too sure about it myself…baby ur so cute, cuter than the actress.

On another pic, guess what she looks like…

Wicked…the Comedy King of Hong Kong himself! BUT WAIT…

If u think u’ve seen it all, wait til u c dis!!!

I din know I looked like BoA! No wonder i attract guys more than girls… Haha, the saving grace is that it’s only 66%, but still….BoA?!? Sigh… SO i’ve decided to go and get some of my frens look-alike pictures, will be posting it the next time…


10 Responses to “Celebrity Look-alikes(CAUTION: some scenes contain information that some could not understand and accept. Parental supervision is adviced.)”

  1. heyyyy….wow..din expect to stumble upon u in blogging world ^.^
    Nway, its great to see u and ur ‘gal’ so happy!!hehe..
    Btw, she def dun look like stephen chow..and bout ur similarities with Boa…i really have no comments..haaha.. but its fun, aint it?…^.^
    take care and see ya around sometime too..

  2. hey jess…yeah i have nothing to say about my similarities with BoA as well, but it’s all in the name of fun…

    And what do u mean ‘gal’ huh? Think I cannot get gf is it? Haha…jk…

    Yep c ya during the weekends, we are having Cellympics this Sat(kinda like crazy games week back when we are in youth la), r u coming?

  3. yea….fine then…gf it is..haha…
    bout the celllympics event [its so creative of u guys!!], i am not sure coz i have a catching up session with the gals…[amelia and py]..but, ill see ya if i can make it!^.^

  4. Haha, my bad cuz i din state as gf at first…
    Yep, do come lah if u can. Do u go on msn? Gimme la so i can add u

  5. You know…do you look a wee bit like BoA…in a weird inexplicable way.

    Maybe it’s the center hair parting and the tilt of the head. But you know, at least now you know if you were born a girl you would look hot. x)

  6. Hey!!
    Well, ya we all know it’s not accurate, but yeah like what u mentioned, if im a girl i would look like BoA.
    Man, y weren’t I born a girl then? If i have a sex change will let u guys know, haha…

  7. ruth baby Says:

    baby,i dun think u look like BoA le…she’s pretty but u r real cute…love u baby…

  8. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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  10. I dont know why I am more attracted to famouse people but you really have tons of the hot ones on your site. Post more pictures of the Kardashians!

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