Weird and Funny Nicknames

Man, what is happening to our nicknames these days? Wired Freak? Tabula Rasa? IcyQueenGoddess? Kinky Blue Fairy? I was reading some forums and there’s this guy/girl named Silky Bottle. I don’t want to know what ‘bottle’ you’re talking about!


I have a friend who introduced himself to me in this way.


Friend: “Hi, you are…?


Me: “Oh, I’m Lam. You?”


Friend: “Oh, my name is Ferdinand. You can call me Fer…”


No, seriously, what’s going on with all these weird nicknames and names? James Brown’s son is called Yamma. Angelina Jolie’s child is called Maddox. Justin Hayward’s offspring is called Doremi. Totally…weird… but this is the best. Slash’s childrens are called Cash and London.


I’m wondering what will happen if we all assigned ourselves with some weird nicknames? Prakash would be ChocolateBearPrakash… Jonathan would be StraightFaceFagatron… Joshua would be BabyLovesMac… Marcus would be VanillaBearMac… Kimberly would be CutesyFutesyKim, and Amanda would be LaughingGoddessManda…


Me? I can’t think of any for myself, just too many random things gets thrown ino my head…. haha…


14 Responses to “Weird and Funny Nicknames”

  1. Why am I VanillaBearMac haha and OMG!!! Dude, take that picture of me trying to be “cute” off!!! Damn geli sial haha

  2. ~*MaNda*~ Says:


    anyway,u’re blog is getting more interesting day by day*3 thumbs up*

  3. Haha, no la Manda, I kinda feel that it’s getting more boring though, haha… anyways, read the post after this and join in with the petition…

  4. kimberly Says:

    ahahah… u made me start believing tht i’m cute

  5. kimberly: Yes you are cute la, haha… so will you use the nick I gave you? Haha…

    Marcus: Haha, since Prakash is chocolatebear, someone’s gotta be the vanilla bear, you’re the perfect candidate, and plus you can memorize the whole ‘Guy Love’ song…

  6. OMG, I can’t imagine doing that song with Prakash LOL

  7. Haha, me neither, but it wud be perfect. Haha…

  8. jonathanso Says:

    crap, i just imagined that…

  9. Hehe … I chose IcyQueenGoddess because everything else I wanted was already TAKEN! 🙂

  10. But IcyQueenGoddess still sounds good yeah… haha, thanks for adding your comment here! No offense though, haha…

  11. none taken. i like your blog btw… 🙂

  12. Thanks yeah, I like your blog too. I’m flabbergasted actually. Not everyday you have a goddess telling that they like your blog… haha…

  13. can u give me anick name weird & cool about friends??

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