The Last Weekend…

Yeah, I had a great time during the last weekend. Well, what’s there not to be happy about? There’s food, there’s entertainment, but no booze, haha… (FYI: I don’t drink that much anyway, a couple of drinks now nd then with my friends, that’s all, no crazy and hyper stuff). Anyways, let’s begin my journey on Saturday.


For Glo last week, we decided to go to this buffet steamboat restaurant in Sunway called Yuen, for our mystery trip thing. Initially we wanted to go to the national zoo, but too bad we had to cancel it at the last minute. Sorry Jon and Prakash, we know you guys wanted to go so badly. We’ll go next time la, haha…


Anyways, when we reached Sunway around 63opm last Saturday, Yuen was packed, full from back to front, and there were even people waiting outside, much to our surprise! We waited, and waited, until about 645pm, then we decided to go to this other buffet steamboat restaurant on the opposite side. The food was not bad, really, though I’ve never tasted Yuen’s before. The chicken wing was excellent, and the food was overall satisfying. And after that we went for our second round at Waffles World in Sunway Pyramid. For pictures go to Jon’s blog. And oh yes, I managed to pull a prank on my friend Jackie, watch:


Then came Sunday morning, where for the first time in history, we took less than half an hour deciding on where to eat our brunch. We went to this YTL Yong Tau Foo restaurant at Jalan Ipoh. The food is good, and the price is reasonable. Here are some pictures of it:


Paper-wrapped Chicken
Paper wrapped chicken. Didn’t taste it, but it sure looks good.


Fried Tofu
Fried tau foo. Nice…


Fried Sui Kow
Fried Sui Kow and Springrolls, again, nice…


Soup Sui Kow
Soup Sui Kow, also nice…


Assorted Yong Tau Fu
Assorted Yong Tau Fu, the brinjal tastes great!


And after all that eating, I had to rush home to fetch my mum to Carrefour, buy eggs and fetch her to my aunt’s place, all in like 45 minutes! Sigh, after that we had our church outing and activities in Mont Kiara, where we had a fun time bowling. Words can’t express how fun was it. But pictures sure can:


Kiara Super Bowl
Kiara Super Bowl, the place where we bowled…


Prakash and his 'balls'
Prakash and his two shiny ‘balls’…


Jon and his 'ball'
Jonathan and his one shiny ‘ball’…


Josh and his 'ball'
Joshua and his shiny ‘ball’…


Michiko-san~~! Our Japanese church member…


Nothing beats having Joyce as the mascot
Nothing beats having Joyce as your mascot, but of course, she cheered for Joshua aka her baby only…


Marcus pretending to be cute
Marcus pretending to be kawaii (cute in Japanese)…


Uncle Danny after one of his strikes
Uncle Danny, after one of his many strikes…


Yes, the result was, the adults swept us aside! Man, the adults are good in bowling, sigh…the turnout was pretty good as well, around 30 or 40 plus of us were there.


Then Monday morning came.On Sunday, Jonathan introduced a meat market/cafe place to us, and we have decided to give that place a try for breakfast on Monday morning. Off we go with Marcus, Jonathan and I to Hartamas Shopping Center to this place called Fogal Meat Market.


Fogal Meat Market
Fogal Meat Market@Hartamas Shopping Center


Posers, pretending to be busy
The two posers: Jonathan and Marcus 


The place is not inside Hartmas Shopping Center, it’s somewhere above it. Upon entering the place, one can be easily fooled into thinking that it’s really a meat market as in REALLY a meat market, but there are tables and chairs at the back of their shop, for patrons who wants to eat in. And it’s overlooking this fantastic greenery view, which was absolutely breath-taking (it rained that morning, and as a result there were fogs and mist and all, making it super awesome!). We ordered a Big BBQ Breakfast set, which consisted of fried bacons, grilled steak, sheared mushroom, hash browns, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and two slices of bread! We shared it, and on top of that we ordered some sandwiches and Marcus ordered mushroom soup.


Big BBQ Breakfast@Fogal's
The Big BBQ Breakfast Set…

Well, definitely worth the try and the money (it’s RM35 for a Big BBQ set, but then again it’s better than what they serve at McDonald’s)

 Well that’s it, I’m tired…

Off I go..


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