Please Take Some Time Off For This

Yes, we all should know by now, that on July 19th, 23 Korean Christian missionaries went to Afghanistan for missionary works. Some Taliban terrorist group decided to kidnap them and use them as hostages to threaten the government so that they can free their own kin from jail. Out of the 23, one had passed away, the victim being the person leading the group I believe. They shot him dead, and dumped him at the streets, as sign and symbol that they, the Taliban terrorist are powerful or some crap like that.

It saddens me that nothing concrete has been done so far. However, what saddened me more is that they had killed the second Korean hostage. Read HERE for more news. A very sad thing from a pathetic bunch of idiots. I’m not used to cursing people, it’s even in violation of myself and my religion, but I can’t stop but to curse these so-called bigshots trying to show off their power to the whole world. Dude(s), what power are you trying to freaking show!!! There’s no freaking power that you guys have!!! Just by capturing and killing some poor innocent soul so that you guys can free up some more idiots like you guys aren’t showing anything to the whole world!!!

I don’t know how many survivors are there now. Word has it that 2 of the remaining ones are suffering from disease and illnesses, and might pass away soon.

Guys, I know we can’t do much. But if you’re a Christian, I urged you guys to PLEASE PRAY FOR THE KOREANS! Please spare some time, a short prayer will do. If not, you can help too by signing in this petition HERE.

God please protect and help them… they need You Lord…


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