The One With The Ending One

I guess things finally caught up in life. Things weren’t as carefree as it used to be. I’m twice as busy as I was a year ago, and though I hate being all caught up and stuff, I’m getting used to it and all. 2009 sums a pretty bad year for me already (and it’s not even end of the year yet!). Family, relationships, finances, education, spirituality well-being… I guess this is the year where it went downhill all the way. I secretly hope all these things would come to an end.

To all faithful and avid readers of this pathetic blog, thanks for the ride. I’m shutting this place down for good. It’ll be like… a toy collection, except it is not a toy collection. But I’m sure you know what I mean. Once in awhile you will clean up your storeroom or attic and you will find a Batman or a Barbie Doll toy figure that would just instantly spark the child within you.

I am more active in Twitter and Facebook these days. Follow me in Twitter at LINK, and add me in Facebook at LINK.

Thanks guys and girls. Happiness is not a destination. God bless.


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