The One With The Feel Good Factor

Why do we self indulge in certain things in life? Now, indulging yourself into things doesn’t necessary mean it is a bad thing. It could do you good; a form of escapism in a sense. But it is when you over indulge, that is when things start to turn ugly. Am I right, celebrities from Hollywood?

The many controls of life? I’m sure we would sometimes imagine our life to be in this tweakable buttons form, so that we can tweak it to the max.

Heck, who am I kidding, everyone is into something, or rather over indulging themselves into something in one form or another because of exactly what it does, it gives that thrill. That excitement. That joy. That feel good factor about it.

In other words, the feel good factor is being addicted. Feel good factor or over indulging are just nicer terms for addiction.

Of course, there are so many kinds of addiction going on around the world. Right from the basic ones like addicted to food and cleanliness, to the not so basic ones like smoking and drinking. But there is one form of addiction that is quite the neither here nor there category; it simply could not be categorized if ever there is such a scale to measure addictiveness.

Oh yeah, Gordon Ramsay’s feel good factor is when he takes away other people’s feel good factor…

It is the addiction to fame.

And it scares me that a whole lot of people are not knowing or aware of this. I mean, if you’re doing something that you know is completely unnecessary or perhaps could be deemed as the wrong things to do, you might as well be objective about it and go for the whole 9 yards of it. But to some, they don’t even know why they are doing so.

I have a friend who completely sold herself to becoming close to be branded as a semi-pornstar model status. Another acquaintance of mine fell for the whole multi level marketing scheme thing, and has been pestering his group of friends (me included) to join in his so-called multi million dollar business. And not forgetting to mention another friend of mine who is into the whole Kenny Sia blogging fame now. But I find that to be way more acceptable than the others though.

Thing is, we aren’t sure of what we want anymore. Not sure of why we spent excessive money on getting a 300 bucks hair cut. Not sure on why we spent thousands of ringgit just to manage our hair. Spend few hundred bucks on getting a pair of sunglasses. Getting stuff from IKEA where you clearly know you cannot afford to spend that kind of money buying things that other stores could rip off at quarter of the price at IKEA. All of these so called indulgences leads back down the pipeline on one single thing only at the end of the day, and that is… fame.

Yes, perhaps things like addiction to smoking and stuff shouldn’t be considered as doing it for the fame. But think again, the very first puff you took in your entire life. Why do you even bother to start smoking? Pressure or stress from work? Or… peer pressure from your friends that if you don’t smoke you don’t fit in? Oh, take blogging for instance too. Why do we even bother to blog? Cuz of the convenience of having an electronic diary for you to jot down all your memories, to improve your writing skills so that you can write better next time? Or… the temptation of being of being famous through your blog, in the hopes that it would be a celebrity blog like Kenny Sia or Xia Xue? Think again.

It is of course no harm to go the extra mile for the fame and the so called feel good factor, from doing certain things. I am not writing in the manner to condemn nor am I being sarcastic and say that people who aim to be famous one day are losers. Go ahead, be as famous as you want to be in your own right. I think everyone needs to have this feel good factor in their life.

*James Brown’s I Feel Good playing in the background*


2 Responses to “The One With The Feel Good Factor”

  1. I agree with you, man. I’m now a jersey addict, I admit it! Damn!

  2. Yeah, and I’m addicted to… oddly, Jai Ho.

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