I need more exercise…too~!

…yes, the title says it all. I need exercise! Can I join you, Jonathan? I’ve always tried to exercise, but after a few days, normally 3 days, I’ll give up. But I can’t give up this time. I have to exercise! I even promised Prakash‘s mum to lose at least 2 pounds in a week! Okay then…I’ll start monitoring my progress next week.

So if any of you reading this wanna help me to lose a few pounds, call me up whenever you guys are going for games like badminton, football or what. But I can’t participate for this weekend, cuz I’ve music practices and such….so to replace it, I went jogging just now. It was a bit awkward at first, with everyone looking at this fat kid huffing heavy breaths with every step he takes and all, but after half an hour of sweating, I feel  like I’m gonna die good and hopefully I can stop continue my jogging sessions.

But…of course, I have reward myself for taking such a bold move. So, I had…Chu Chap Fan (mixed pork /pork intestines/whatever that is edible in a pig rice) for my dinner!

(Insert Peter Griffin‘s laughter) Nyeh eh eh eh eh eh….


2 Responses to “I need more exercise…too~!”

  1. ~*MaNda*~ Says:


  2. jonathanso Says:

    Jogging is not for me lah, and so is badminton…Football and Futsal sounds nicer, let’s play it next week…

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