Goodbye Crippler…

As a kid, I thought wrestling was for real. I thought the moves were real, the actings were real, the pain endured from a seemingly harmless punch (more like a gentle touch) to the face was real…until I came to my senses one day, and I figured out that it was all fake. I couldn’t believe it then though…such irony.

But I also remembered watching wrestlers executing their moves, from a simple clothesline to a Stone Cold Stunner, it amazed me as a kid. One particular wrestler impresses me the most, and he is none other than Chris Benoit, the Crippler, himself. Now, most of us would have known by now, that Chris had passed away in a homicide case a few days ago,on the 25th of June. Officials had confirmed that Chris might have killed himself after he killed both his wife and his kid.

One of the greatest wrestlers of all time in my opinion, Benoit never failed to deliver when he performed, and never failed to impress others with his technical abilities, earning him the title “The Most Technical Wrestler”. He’s also the master executer of the amazing submission move “The Crippler Crossface“.

This took me back to what I’ve encountered, and had expressed a few blog posts ago(link). What in the world happened for Chris? Why resort to suicide? Why the selfishness, of robbing away your relationships with everyone else? But…I guess it’s too late now for questions. The only thing I hope and pray for is that none of my friends or family members, my loved ones, would resort to suicide to solve everything. Instead of solving the problem, suicide defeats and takes away every chance, as slight as they may be, to turn things around for the better good.

Picture 7

In memory of Chris Benoit (21/5/1967 – 25/6/2007) and his wife, Nancy and son, Daniel. Rest in peace.


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