The One With The Two Three

Just a random thought came to my head whilst reading the darlin’s blog…

Am I getting too old? I mean… 23 this year? And still doing my degree? Most people at this age would be already working or graduating with their degree soon.

Am I really late in my life? The darlin will be getting her degree by 21. And I’m still here doing mine.

Sometimes… just sometimes… I wish I won’t be getting any older than I am.

Somebody said:

A prodigy is someone with exceptional talent before the age of 10.
Above 15, you’re talented.
Above 20 however, you’re a normal person. A nobody.

I guess I’m 3 years late then…
*babe… at least you still have 1 year to be considered ‘talented’. And you get your degree by 21. Unfair.


12 Responses to “The One With The Two Three”

  1. i dont get it. above the age of 20? what above the age of 20? being talented before 20? so if i learn how to play the bass guitar now i still have 1 year to become like super talented??

    Doesnt make sense dearest. you’re not late. you worked, you have a diploma and at least you know how things work in the real world, yyou’ve been there. i have friends who did form 6, went back to foundation, after 1 and a half years, stop and take up another thing. thats late. youre heading somewhere. no one said you have to finish by 21. so happens i got lucky and made up my mind on what to study fast. some people try a few things before they realise what they really like.
    Dont be sad. at least you found what you like doing.

    Love you dearest.

  2. In case no one gets it, if you’re exceptionally good at something:

    Age 0-10 = Prodigy
    Age 10-15 = Semi Prodigy?
    Age 15-20 = Talented
    Above age 20 = Normal person no matter how good you are.

    at least that’s the world’s standards.

    Like it or not bii, I’m getting old. Reaching a quarter of a decade already…

  3. you know you’re getting old when you go shopping and the first thing you look for are work shirts =P

    To be honest though, in comparing with others you’re missing the point. Everyone may think life is a competition to be the fastest/strongest/smartest/richest, but it isn’t. It’s not the Olympic Games mate. Ultimately when we leave this earth, we carry none of that stuff with us. But what remains is the legacy we left on the people in our lives =) That’s way more important than whether you’re a prodigy or not.

    And i’ll stop preaching here =P
    Take care dude.

  4. i have to agree with him dearest. its true.
    and, our purpose on earth is greater than finishing our education fast. We have a bigger purpose in Christ remember??

    dont fret bii

  5. dude, i’ll graduate at 24, do you want to compare? haha..

    anyway, this is what I’ve always believe, since you’re gonna work for the rest of your life, enjoy your life as a student as much as you can now, the extra 2 years is incomparable with the years of working ahead.

  6. Lets see, I graduated when I was 23. Its just our whole education system that screws things up and makes us “late” in life. So no, don’t blame yourself, and though its true about the whole prodigy/talented thingy, who the heck cares man. How many child prodigy’s do you know out there and so what if you’re a child prodigy, you’re just gonna be “normal” once you pass 20 anyway LOL. So take heart man, we who are “normal” all the way won’t feel it. Remember, the higher they are, the harder the fall haha…

  7. heehee. i’ll be graduating at the ripe old age of 25. and then, i need to work for the gov for another 5 yrs and if i want to do my master and bla bla bla it’ll most prob go on until I’m 40. so, don’t fret! we’re young at heart. i think they screwed up our birthcerts at birth. we were actually born in 1990. so, by right, we’re now only 19! Whee! Still young, see? 😛

    Jokes aside, hey, don’t worry about it. I sometimes wish I had taken more time off after form 6 to travel the world, get involved in more social organisations, do stuff i like. But i was in a rush to graduate and so I entered uni immediately after uni. Now, kinda regret it, as I feel that age does not really matter. Of cos, if you’re 70 and still havent gotten out to work, then maybe a bit something wrong somewhere lar, but hey, even some passionate 70 year olds who never got a chance to do their degree last time, are doing it now. So yeah, don’t let the world’s standards pull you down. It’s how God views us, that’s more important. And in His eyes, it doesnt matter if you’re 50 when you get your degree, even if you’re degree-less, you’re still fearfully and wonderfully made! Amen! So, have fun studying cos working life is gonna be such a drag. hahahaha. Take care, God bless!

  8. oops sorry..i meant i entered uni immediately after stpm

  9. Don’t worry. I can teman you in being ‘normal’.

    Yay for us normies!

  10. dude, come on ! (peter griffin’s ) style, I am a relic man…so no worries and who gives two cents on some man made research on age and being a prodigy la…in Gods eyes everyone is talented man…

  11. To everyone:

    Thanks for your comments. But then again I’m not being too emo about it. Being a prodigy or being talented equals more pressure of succeeding in whatever that you do. And I hate living a life like that.

    In God’s eyes everyone is talented.

    But then again, I do feel old now. Shoot me in the head for it, but it still remains that way.

  12. […] The truth is, we can’t reverse time and revert back to being kids once again. But what we can do to preserve the eternal child within us is to look at things on a brighter note. There are ups and downs in life, but if we always see the glass as half empty and not half full, we will always be stuck with the mentality of trying to fill the other half of the glass. Instead of making up all these stories about prodigies and nonsense. […]

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