The One With The Malacca Escapade

Short but sweet Malacca Escapade.

Still not enough of that place… missing the cheap food.

Companions for the trip: Marcus, JoJo darlin’, Nally, Samantha and Leslie (Sin Lan too!).

How I wish my holidays were longer… and I wish my future trips will not be limited to Malacca only…

Now for the pictures that paints a thousand words…

Leslie the Chicken King. Click HERE for his latest music video.

Darlin’ and Darlin’. Will the real slim Darlin’ please stand up? Oh, definitely not me…

Marcus with his awesome shapeshifting superpower. He’s turning into a walrus now I think…

Jason Mraz crossover?

Who can jump the highest??

Lucky tree… to have four person caressing your private… erm… nevermind…

Sounds like the Destiny’s Child song.

Will thy seek thee truthness in thy glorieth moments…?

The Adulteress’ Cafe.


One Response to “The One With The Malacca Escapade”

  1. Hey I want them photos too!!! Gimme gimme šŸ™‚

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