The One With The New Mac and The New Petrol Price

Just a brief updates to everything ‘new’ in my life, well, not everything, but significant ones I suppose:

The New Macbook!

Just before you drop your jaws and clutch your fists in anger, let me just clarify. I did NOT ask for this. Not that I am a big spender or anything along those lines, but it was a necessary purchase. Why, you may ask? Here’s why:

1) The old Mac’s fan malfunctioned. Therefore temperature will not drop upon long and heavy usage of the computer, and as a safety feature anything above 90 degrees celsius will shut the system down.

2) There was some problem with the sound port with the old Mac; it would not revert back to the computer speakers after you unplug your jack out.

So for those two damages, it would cost me RM2800 to repair it. The ironic part? The fan will only cost RM80 while the soundboard, which is attached to the motherboard, cost the balance of the repairing cost. And I have to fix it because if I continue to let it go by like this, it might damage other components as well. So the dealer and I worked out a trade and I could trade-in the old Mac for RM1000, making the purchase of the new Macbook to be RM3700. Dad and Mum said ok to it, and the rest is history.

The new Macbook.

The performance of this Macbook exceeded my expectations greatly, it has greater speed, smoother graphics, and not to mention, lighter and looks cooler than the old one. I’m sorry old Mac but this does the trick for me now. Fingers crossed to a longer lifespan of this current Mac.

Another new thing would be…:

The new petrol price!!! RM1.80/liter! Wee~~ hey, it matters to me okay?

Not the full tank price, but at least it is wayyyy lower than what I use to pay when pumping petrol just a few months before this.



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