The One With The New Babies

No, I’m not becoming a father… nor do I have new gadgets and stuff…

Here’s how it happened…

I was brushing my teeth this noon (yes I slept til noon) and I heard some chirping noises. I thought there were some birds in the house… I looked up and searched and but nothing was found. I moved closer to the hamster’s cage to look for signs of birds and stuff…

And then I knew only one thing is possible… the hamsters got new pups, new babies…

Panic as I knew nothing about taking care of new pups, frantically searching for boxes to store the mum and dad Hamtaro (I heard they will eat the babies if not separated or something). Thank God for internet as I searched for related stuff on the matter and I found a thread on teaching you how to care and nurse new pups.

So I did everything I was supposed to do, and voila. Photo time:

The irresponsible father Hamtaro. The one behind it all…

Shy mummy Hamtaro. So hard to get a picture of her being still and all.

The first baby pup. Compare them to the size of those wood beddings. They are really small and cute!

Second baby pup.

Third baby pup.

In total, there were 4 new hamster pups. Yes, 4 of them. One did not survive…

I thought it was sleeping. It did not give any response at all while the others were squiggling and squirming and stuff. Sigh, felt sad that you did not make it.

So yeah, that’s all. Anyone wanna adopt these Hamtaros when they grow up? Lemme know, don’t think I can accomodate so many in one cage, and I don’t fancy having two cages of hamsters.


2 Responses to “The One With The New Babies”

  1. oh gross. my ex-hamsters were FAT wei. why urs so slim wan?

  2. you got hamsters too?
    guess wat, i got 4 cages…the boys just coundnt get along.
    2 couples and 2 boys, the older couple stopped giving birth ady, while the younger ones cannot stop, now we have 3 new born.
    This would be our 5th batch? or more…
    hahha, they are really adorable, especially during the first 2 weeks, u wont wanna give them away…thts how we end up with so many.
    y am i telling u all these again?
    anyways, congrates!!

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