The One With The KL PAC Outing

Bagilah gambar-gambar bercerita…

translation: Let the pictures tell the story… … … or something like that. My malay language is getting bad…

KL PAC is the closest a Malaysian could be to experiencing ‘European’ kinda setting in Malaysia… well, at least in Sentul West it is…

A few life lessons by JoJo:

1) Speak no evil

2) See no evil

3) Hear no evil

4) Err… erm, show evil your tongue as a sign of disrespect?

5) Always look on the bright side of life

6) If you made any silly mistakes, learn and laugh from it

7) Always stick your finger to your pouted lips whenever you wanna act cute

8) Always dream as high as the sky

9) Place yourself next to huge walls or tall objects to make you look slimmer

10) To be the leader of the pack, first you must FOLLOW the pack

11) Do not ever contemplate suicide; life is a gift from God.

12) If all else fails, take a failed jump shot.


One Response to “The One With The KL PAC Outing”

  1. i like your quotes.. haha… especially from #8 onwards… very nicely done…

    btw, you got tagged in my blog…;]

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