The One With The MRSC Competition and Updates

If you’re reading this, yes I am very much still alive. Some of you hope that I’m dead or gone for good, but nah ahh, I’m still standing strong… or at least I think I am.

Oh, what’s with the ducks? Nah just something random… *thanks to the ducks in KL Performing Arts Center*

So studies is on hold now, undergoing two months of break and beginning next year I will be a year 2 student. Still think that my decision to hop wagons to switch from business to mass communication is the best decision I made for myself in the education path. To God be the glory for sustaining me all the way and guiding me throughout this switching process. So if you’re wondering, I really only have 1 and a half years left, and after that I’m off to my internship and I’m graduating after that.

Gonna start work with Nielsen company as a data entry personnel, together with her, for one month, and December is set to be a fantastic month already. Why? Okay, *clears throat*, here’s why.

I’m not the kinda person who joins competitions and stuff (too calculative and gutless to join these things, not brave enough, fear of rejection, and bla bla bla), but a David Lim wrote a song for this Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition. It got selected to be in the prelimination rounds or heats as what they called it, and today was the selection round, where 9 out of 20 performers ranging from individuals and groups from all over the nation. David put together a group consisiting or Marcus, Ian, Aaron and myself, and guess what? We got through!! Yes we are in the finals, where the winner will get something big I guess. Not so sure myself, so please click HERE to find out more. And oh yeah…

This is not just a read and browse through post only, I mean yes it is, but this time it involves participation from you guys and gals…

You have to vote for us.

It’s very simple, just take your handphone (or someone else’s handphone), key in H and send it to 33225. Real easy right? And it only cost RM 0.50 per sms, I mean come on, that’s like… the price of a currypuff these days right? So yeah please support and vote for us. They might change the voting system since now it’s left back with 9 contestants, so check this space or their website for updates.

Besides that, December will be fun cuz it is Christmas! It always feels good during that time of the year. My church will be having an open house thingy in the community hall around my church area, and fingers crossed I hope I won’t be Santa Claus, though I ‘qualify’ to be one.

To the good times ahead… And oh a belated Hari Raya and Deepavali to all my Muslim and Hindu friends!


3 Responses to “The One With The MRSC Competition and Updates”

  1. 50 sen currypuff?? tell me where…i wan go buy.

  2. yeah! i’m looking forward to december as well!
    it was great to have u on the team, a dream come true actually..
    so, we’ll do it again on dec 7!
    till then, take care!

  3. […] Been busy with this songwriting competition, as mentioned earlier HERE. Never thought that our team would be chosen for the finals (from now on I can use this for my […]

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