The One With The Encourager

Wow, I know you must be thinking Lam is actually posting two new posts in the span of an hour! Amazing~~…

Yeah, so I did. But I just wanna share this story to all you guys, so here goes:

There was once a sick old man, hospitalized and bed ridden for the near future. He was placed in this ward with one more bed ridden old woman, where the old woman occupies the bed next to the window.

As each day passed by, the recently admitted old man became irritated, being confined to the four walls and all, but the old woman next to him was very friendly and supportive, often chatting with him, and told him what was going on outside the hospital, since she could see what’s going on as she is next to the window. Everyday the old woman described how beautiful it is outside the hospital, describing the scenery, the birds that flew by and so on. And both of them enjoyed each others’ company in that ward.

One morning, the old man wakes up to find that the old woman is no longer there, the bed being cleaned up with new sheets and pillows. The nurses told him that the old woman passed away the night before. With much regret, the old man asked the nurse for permission to be placed next to the window, where the old woman was previously at, so that he could at least get the views and the wonderful scenes that the old woman was telling him all along. The nurse approved and he went over.

But all he saw was a huge big brown colored brick wall.

He then asked the nurse whether the wall was placed there the night before. The nurse replied that the wall had been there since the start of the hospital’s operations. And when the old man told the nurse about the wonderful things and scenery that the old woman told him all along, the nurse replied:

“But, sir, she was blind all along. She could not have seen anything even though it was there”

And the story ends. Look, all we need in our life are a few simple things. One of it, is encouragement. No matter how bad the situation is, always offer someone the encouragement that he or she needs.

This has been a public service announcement by
Remember, Happiness is Not a Destination. It is a Method of Life.


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