The One With The MC-ing and The Fire

A brief and quick update:

Done with MC-ing last Thursday. To those in the dark, I have been offered MC jobs for college events of late… last August was the Orientation Day, and last Thursday was for the Awards Day. Was supposed to MC for Halloween party yesterday, but… sigh, more details on that later.

MC-ing is fun. Don’t let anyone tell u that it is stressful and not worth the time and all. It’s really fun and good if you wanna improve on your speaking skills like improving your diction, your vocabulary, and so on. Orientation Day last August was way less informal compared to Awards Day, and that’s where I think I learnt the most.

And now comes the Halloween party thing. Was offered the opportunity to MC again last night. Everything went well when suddenly… a portion of the maze caught fire. And it was right at the beginning of the event. Speak about a cool intro to the event… burning and raging flames with people trapped inside it. Oh well, at least no one got injured, and in the end, all were forgiven and forgotten.

*this is a special message to Eliza. I know you won’t see this, but chances are Prakash would. And he would tell you. So here it is: Why la Liz?? Why you come??? You see lah you burnt the whole place down?!!*

… anyways.

Coat was ruined. Need to go get another coat now. Grrr…


11 Responses to “The One With The MC-ing and The Fire”

  1. wat happen to ur coat??ur coat kena fire also meh???any…it was a pity we cudnt MC 2gether eh??bsides i had my “fabulous” outfit to show-off too…CIS!

  2. Hey Bob!!!

    Yeah man, was looking forward for it, until ‘it’ happened…

    The coat was partially ruined cuz I used to douse the fire before the extinguisher came in. So got some marks here and there.

    Man, your outfit is… ‘wicked’ I should say? Haha… wear that next year la.

  3. mr. MC, update lah bynk sikit. boring tau.

  4. lam….thx by the way…n so sorry for the coat 😛

  5. Jo_@nn@: My life not as interesting as yours miss-your-best-friend-is-your-religion’s-name… when my life a bit more ‘interesting’ then you stay tuned la k?

    angeline: hey hey!!! no need to thank la! It was nothing. You did a great job btw… really. Cheer up k?

  6. he is SO not my best friend. cakap macam people dont read your blog. please lahh….cepat lah updatee…

  7. Message From Eliza :

    1 . Its not my fault

    2. When I reached it was already on fire

    3. I really wanted to join you guys lor….but what to do it was up on flames…

    Anyway all the best next day and make sure its a FIERY ! Event ! heheheh

  8. Jo_@nn@ Haha, he so is! You’re gonna be his number one model soon!

    Prakash/Eliza: No la, don’t think it’s Eliza’s fault d la… I got a confession, it’s actually Benji and me. Both of us set it up. Muahahaha…

  9. so NOT!…

    why? you decided to take up smoking and smoke with Benji too issit

  10. Jo_@nn@: Don’t deny la… soon u will be talking about ‘him’ all the time like a friend of ours…

    Me smoking? No way! No la, we just threw some Zippo Oil and lit it up with a lit match.

  11. you thinkk? im insulted wei. you know me better than thattt….

    hhow smart of you….to confess in broad daylight.

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