The One With The Semester Results

I still remember…

The times when I got so lazy to get up for my Intro to PR classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The times when I dreaded for Psychology class to end earlier so that I can go home.

The times when I refuse to get up in time for Pop Culture classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The times when I jumped in delight that Alternative Voices class was canceled for that one week.

The times I scratched my head over these subjects’ assignments…

How I actually lived with Leslie’s video camera for the past 2 months before semester ended.

How I managed to squeeze through a PR proposal 2 days before the deadline.

How I wanted to burn the Psychology book cuz it’s just so darn full of theories and stuff.

I guess in the end it all paid out:

No A for Alternative Voices though… 1 mark away, darn it. But still, the only person for me to thank is Lord Jesus Himself, for He is the one who gave me the strength and endurance to go through it. I dedicate this to everyone who believed in me and trusted in my decision to make the jump for Mass Communication before this, as well as to Lord Jesus.

But still… wouldn’t hurt for the 1 mark for the A right? Darn…


2 Responses to “The One With The Semester Results”

  1. Congratoolations fren. All your hard work did pay off and now you’re making me feel pressure to come back… haha

  2. An “A” for Psychology. I need counseling, really. You can be my ‘Shrink’

    Congratulations 😉

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