The One Where I’m Ugly

Ugly, disgusting, unpleasant looking…

Whatever, you name it, I got all of it.

But is it my fault that I’m born like this?

I hate first impressions seriously. So I’m fat, so happened I’m not good looking.

Is it my fault then? Don’t I want to look good too?

Is it my fault?


2 Responses to “The One Where I’m Ugly”

  1. hey hey lam. FAT IS THE NEW SEXY. cheer up would u ! looking good or pretty or handsome is SO subjective, never let yourself indulged into matters like this esp when it can bring sum1 so bright and bubbly like u – down !

    take care. =)

  2. Fat, thin, ugly, disgusting, unpleasant and ……………

    These are the junk that the devil put into our mind to put us down. The Liar and Accuser.

    Bro. trust in Jesus, let your face reflect that heavenly glow of the Lord.

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