The One With The Daughtry Concert

And I’m still feeling the after effects of it (what do you expect? Standing drenched in rain for a few hours…).
But anyways, in case there’s people who don’t know, yes, Chris Daughtry came to Malaysia and performed for the Traffic Jam concert on the 26th July. And yes, I’m happy to be able to attend it as well!

Show started at around 8pm, where local acts such as the Liang and Daniel Lee performed as the opening acts (Liang did a good job, but Daniel… I am still not convinced that you’re the winner of Malaysian Idol), and some other opening acts which I can’t remember their names. So for a 5 hour event from 7pm til 12am, the opening acts took up 4 hours while Daughtry only performed for the last hour.

But there’s nothing to complain about at the end of the day, as Daughtry really proved to be a rocking rock band. They played their familiar hits such as ‘It’s Not Over’, ‘Breakdown’, ‘Over You’, ‘Feels Like Tonight’ and many more, but as cliched as it is, they came up for an encore, and belted out ‘There and Back Again’ and the oh-so-overplayed-song-but-yet-still-an-awesome-song ‘Home’.

All in all, not the best concert I’ve been to (still waiting for a rock band to tilt Muse’s position off my all-time best concert experience, though Switchfoot came a close second…), but Daughtry is Daughtry, and I am as the opening line to their song ‘It’s Not Over’ said, “I was blown away, what could I say?”

Here’s a picture of him upclose (no, I was not standing that near to him, unfortunately I stood quite far behind where this bunch of idiotic screaming girls basically screamed the whole time Daughtry was playing). I was not as fortunate as a certain Kua Mei Cher to be able to get a media pass. Haha… just kidding.

Lastly, thanks to Ian for the tickets!

P.S.: Thanks to someone for being there too…


4 Responses to “The One With The Daughtry Concert”

  1. hey lam lam… i want my “stamp” on the picture! .. nex time click happy will take the 1st row larh. haha..

  2. Mei Cher, I’m guessing that’s your pic? Nice

    Slump, no band will be able to kick Muse off your list. I’ve accepted that for my list. Haha…

  3. SuperHero Says:

    I wish I was there! Nice picture..

  4. I don’t know how many more Daughtry concerts my parents will let me go to. (uh oh) So I might wait till they’re headlining when tickets are cheaper at and I have a better chance of meeting them. Although, Daughtry’s not bad either.

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