The One With The Garbage

It’s 2am now… and God knows why I’m still up at this hour.

A whole long and tiring day tomorrow, and yet, I still can’t sleep…

Cuz I’m asking myself… am I a piece of garbage?

Really, am I? I know, I shouldn’t ridicule God, bla bla bla… but really, ultimately, deep down, I can’t help but feel like a piece of thrash.

People just seem to hate me don’t they? Use me, take advantage of me, talk behind my back, ridicule me… and the list just go on and on…

Am I always this lonely? This alone? When I needed company, you would go away too?

Do I deserve you? I don’t think so…

Cuz I’m, like mentioned, a piece of garbage. Not worthy to be even looked at.


9 Responses to “The One With The Garbage”

  1. Jo_@nn@ Says:

    you’re not and you know it.

  2. Bro,

    Go hang out with good friends. Spend quality time with your parents. Read ‘the’ good Book. Stay off the TV and the web. Talk to somebody. Yumcha with your pals from canaan church. Treat yourself to a good meal. Help someone in need. Wash your dad’s car. Blablabla…

    So many things you can do, bro. You are no garbage.

    Not forgetting. Play guitar in church. We really need your talent and we’re missing those guitar licks and solos.

    Stay cool. Jesus luvs ya. He really do.

  3. If God made you a garbage, he wouldn’t have given you a great talent in music, he wouldn’t have made you a blessing to our lives, he wouldn’t have given you great friends like us, haha..

    You are a great friend and a great guy to hang out with.

    You are great, stay that way.

  4. herlow!!!! as long as the Diva says ur not…ur NOT!!!…*snap snap snap*…don’t lar think too much…ur definitely not one because there are way more garbage than u…and they look small…nyehehee

  5. lam =.= you are not.. so dont emo lar ok ….

  6. hey lam! why let that thought creep into your thinking box! throw tat thrash out of your precious thinking box and dun ever let it step foot on you again!

    i know.. all the bla bla bla.. but try to think.. how would life to others would be like, without you? you mom… our church would definitely miss a wonderful guitarist… and there are so many adorable pups waiting for you to adopt!!!

    hey.. just see things from another angle.. try to break away from your routine “circle of life” once in a while.. go hobby, adventure etc with te ppl tat clicks w u.. and you’ll be much more lifted up!

    remember, dun ever let that lousy thought creep into your mind again!!


  7. He sent His beloved Son to die on the cross for you and me,we are not and will never be garbage in His eyes no matter what the world sees or thinks. We are treasured and cherished by the Almighty..ure no garbage,ure the beloved of the Most High God! Take care dude =)

  8. hey there, i dun think ur a garbage..
    in fact, i think ur totally gifted in many ways i.e. ur talent in music, ur humour, ur ability to cheer ppl up etc..

    and yeah, i think mixing with the right group of ppl does help..
    so stay strong and hopefully ull be able to know which ones are bringing u up / down…

    ull get out of this phase stronger, dun give up…u have many supporters..

  9. Thanks everyone, your words are encouraging. All I can say is thank you to each and everyone of you.

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