The One With The Absence…

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder…”

Hi you all! It’s been a long long time since I posted anything here… some of you even thought I went overseas or I died or something. The last time I posted anything was almost a month ago… gosh, how fast time flies by. I’m gonna finish my second semester in UCSI pretty soon (loads of assignments… can really fall down and die. Wait, there’s no time to fall down and die! Can die while standing up!), and to the short semester (about 7 weeks), then voila! I’m done with year 1!

But really, I’m just gonna be more and more busy from now on. There seems to be no breaks at all from here (well, except the two month break at the end of the year, but even then, I think I would use that time to work…), and everyday is just becoming more and more like a routine for me. Go to college, come back, sleep, wake up go college again… this whole process is slowly becoming tiring and even boring. Well, that’s the price to pay to be a university student right?

Will update this site pretty soon with things that has been going around in my life lately… til then, peace and take care!


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