The One With The Luk Luk

‘Luk Luk‘= direct translation to English means Roll Roll. Pronounced the same way as you pronounce the word look in English.

There has been many questions raised as to why this term ‘Luk Luk‘ existed. As many would know, a Chinese character, though same in spelling, but if pronounced differently, it will bring a different meaning.

The origins of this ‘Luk‘ word perhaps meant the word ‘boil’, but even then, the ‘luk‘ word here is pronounced differently than the current ‘Luk‘ word we commonly use now.

So, on why the term ‘Luk Luk‘ existed, we will never know. Let’s just say it’s a mystery…


This is how a typical ‘Luk Luk’ store would look like.

You can locate this almost anywhere where there’s a crowd. There’s even the Malay version of ‘Luk Luk’ now, which obviously caters to the non-halal crowd. Just like how they ‘Chicken’-ised everything, Chic Kut Teh, Chicken Ham, Chicken Char Siew and so on…

The Guide to ‘Luk Luk‘ eating:

The method or process of enjoying ‘Luk Luk’ is very simple. First, you choose from the many food items that is on display, ranging from seafood, fishball, to vegetables and so on. However, be careful of the pricing as some can be really expensive. It is shown through the color markings at the tip of each stick, different colors for different prices.

After you have selected it, you simply place it onto the hot boiling pot to cook it. There will be three readily available pots to accommodate the number of patrons and accessibility. There’s also a deep frying pot if you feel like you want to have your food deep fried. Like this:

Deep fried porkballs. One of my all time favorites.

Yes as you can see, you simply place your cooked foods onto a half polysterene container. After that, you may pour the sauces onto it as you please, like the sweet sauce, chill sauce and my personal favorite, the satay sauce.

And after that, all you have to do, is to simply enjoy eating it!

And thankfully for Prakash and myself, there’s always one ‘Luk Luk‘ stall in front of our college. After he’s done with his work and I’m done with my classes, this is where we ‘release’ our stress from being both an employee and a college student.

So there you go, the complete guide to the ‘Luk Luk‘ experience! Feel free to call me or the Indian dude whenever you wanna eat ‘Luk Luk‘. Availability might be limited to individual’s laziness and appointments.


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