The One With The Life So Far & Exciting Two Weeks Ahead!

College resumed with it’s second semester, and boy it is starting to shape up to be a good semester already… at least for now it is. One thing I should note is that, I’m really enjoying myself in my mass communication studies.

After leaving my previous campus life behind (click HERE and HERE), I kinda thought to myself that it would be hard to go back to campus life and things like that. And it became tougher when I worked sometime last year, thinking how could I adjust back to campus and being a student. I kinda knew I’m gonna head to UCSI to further my studies before I actually started working, but the thought of it just scares me. How on earth am I gonna be able to gel in with all these people? Not to mention half of these people are younger than me?

Only one thing I can say so far…


I wouldn’t say “Gosh I wished I could have come in earlier to experience all this!”, cuz I think somehow, in one way or another, the whole timing and process it took to actually land my big butt in UCSI were needed. Meaning… I don’t think I could enjoy what I’m enjoying now even if I were to come in earlier to UCSI. On another note, Prakash, Jon and myself played for this music performance thing in campus this noon called ‘The Hive’. It was good and kudos to the rest who played too (Matthew and Djeznna’s Stalker). So for those of you who is interested in participating or want to know more information please email to It’ll be a fortnight thing, Wednesdays in UCSI Lobby area.

On another note… I’ve got a busy yet exciting and fun two weeks ahead! It goes like this:

17th to 19th= Church Camp in Port Dickson
21st= Champions League Final!!! Anybody wanna watch together?
Between 22nd to 23rd= Arrival of Osim Massage Chair (oh how I long for a massage chair…MSN status would be set to ‘Away’ all the time…)
24th to 26th= Businessmen&Professional camp thingy in Cherating, Kuantan. Going as part of the CF crew. Woo hoo~~
28th= Hillsongs United in GTPJ!!! If you’ve not heard of it yet, click HERE.

So yeah, it is a fun two week ahead! Lots of things to look forward to, especially the Cherating one, as I really need a holiday. And I have church camp before that, so double holiday! Yay me!!!

Okay, I’m getting cranky now so… that’s it.


2 Responses to “The One With The Life So Far & Exciting Two Weeks Ahead!”

  1. hey, kudos to ur performance too. N thanks for promoting ‘The Hive’. Great having u in team.. break a leg! c u around in coll. adios! =)


    Ur Chinese Mauritian Dude 🙂

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