The One With The ‘I know…’

Yes, this is yet another reply for you… if you’re expecting one that is…

‘I know…’

Why am I posting it here you ask? Cuz I know you constantly check this page. Erm, blog stats won’t lie.

But if there’s anything I can add to it is that I appreciate everything you’ve said before. All the little things that mattered most. All the times you held your patience against my childishness.

Once again, I thank you.

P.S.: Can anyone tell me what does P.S. means? I don’t get the P.S. thing at the end of each letter, I know it’s supposed to be there for you to add something to it in case you forgot or haven’t added it into your letter but what does P.S. means?


4 Responses to “The One With The ‘I know…’”

  1. Ok… thanks so much. Now I know, haha…

    Ok will relink…

  2. pleasure ^^

  3. Kimberly Lee Says:


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