The One With The Food Indulgence Rendezvous Part 2

[This is a Part 2 of a 3 part series. WARNING: Lots of photos ahead, thread with caution]

Previously, on F.I.R.:


Soundtrack: ‘Move Along’ by The All-American Rejects

Date: 22nd April 2008

“The following took place at around 1030 to 1130

… and after we enjoyed our pork noodles, we duly decided to hop onto our vehicles again to our next destination, MidValley. Yes, all the talk about going to places eating and stuffing ourselves with nothing but glorious food, and we went to MidValley after that. But it’s ok, cuz as Kelvin said, this is just the trial version of F.I.R. Hopefully our next versions will be include more places to makan. But the plan was to kill time in MidValley until 1pm, to watch ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ at the cinemas.

Golden Screen Cinemas. By the way, ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ is an enjoyable film to watch. Very funny and entertaining.

And this is me saying, ‘Ok lah the movie’s expenses is on me’… and then…

Su Ann replied, ‘You think I no money ah? Go away la you!’

Su Ann and Jonathan.

The bunch spotted Superman! Without underwear!

“The following took place at around 1130 to 1300

… because our movie is like more than an hour away, the masterminds Nally and Kelvin came up with some ‘activity’ for us to do. Leslie and I self-appointed ourselves to be the media crew for this ‘activity’ (though we never really caught anything, haha…). Something like treasure hunt/Amazing Race-esque activity. And thus it is required for the bunch to break into two groups. Task activities include finding for albums starting with some particular alphabet, talking to a random stranger, finding for restaurants and bla bla bla. And after that, we headed inside to the cinema for our movie.

Team 1: (from left) Esther, Jonathan and Su Ann.

Team 2: (from left) Janice, JoJo, Henry and Li Anne.

Team 1 receiving their instructions…

Team 2 not so happy with their instructions. Look at Li Anne’s lightning fast hand…

But all Kelvin and Nally said was, ‘JUST DO IT’ lah….

“The following took place at around 1500 to 1630

… and after the movie, we headed to Gardens to loiter around. Went inside Machine, the girls and Kelvin cam-whored like nobody’s business using the MacBook Air, while I indulge in some Guitar Hero action. And after the loitering around session, we headed back to MidValley for donuts. Big Apple Donuts and Baskin Robbin’s ice-cream. Yum…

Gardens. Some random wall thing.

Big Apple Donuts. Yum…

Group Shot. Minus me. Tsk tsk…

Leslie, Nally, Su Ann and Li Anne left us after that cuz they have some things to attend to.

But what about the rest?

Where did they go after that?

What will they do?

How will they survive?

Who killed Ashley and Goldilocks?

…stay tuned to find out.


2 Responses to “The One With The Food Indulgence Rendezvous Part 2”

  1. lolz…wadda….ashley and goldilocks? that is so random and nonsensical…hahaha…i was reading halfway then i saw that…i was slapping my laps la while laughing…

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