The One With The Lack Of Time

The whole of next week… I have to:

Sit for two finals paper

Watch Clockwork Orange to finish up my Film Studies Assignment

Study for one of the finals paper

Go to campus to take pictures for my other Film Studies Assignment

Write Autuer Theory Essay on Stanley Kubrick for yet another Film Studies Assignment

Edit and compile presentation of Still Pictures Movie for… yes, Film Studies Assignment

Repair broken guitar pedal… have to drive all the way to Seri Kembangan to do so

Service car… regular maintenance service

Drive to KLIA to take pictures for… yes, again! Film Studies Assignment!

I can do all those… I just need more TIME in a DAY…


4 Responses to “The One With The Lack Of Time”

  1. sue me. i feel happily random todayy…lalala
    dancing on the moonlight’s playing on the playlist again.muahaha.

    updatelah wei.

  2. charlotte Says:

    i was looking for winnie the pooh pics, then your blog popped up in the search! you had written about your friend winnie in 2007. hahaha!

    this is charlotte from GT. more widely known as (botak) simon’s girlfriend 🙂

    when will you be done with your studies? i’m so glad i’m done already ;D

  3. JoJo: Yes I am gonna sue you. And please the song is very nice but can you please listen to other songs as well?

    Charlotte: Oikk! Haha… well, what do you know? The world’s a small place. You have a blog or something? Hope you do come by here to check this message here, cuz I have no other ways of contacting you, unless I go through Simon.

    Studies… erm, let’s just say I still got a long way to go. I changed my course. I’m now a mass comm student, planning to major in Marketing and Communications. So yeah… still got a longgggg way to go… but I’ve got time. Haha…

  4. charlotte Says:

    email me! 🙂

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