The One With The iPod Wheel


How I wish sometimes life would be all but controlled by an iPod wheel controller.

You can access the ‘Menu’ to adjust the many things that can be adjusted in your life, such as fame, wealth, career, and the what nots…

You press the forward button to skip through any bad things, events or situation such as bad hair days, mother-in-law nags and so on…

Or you can press the backwards button to repeat those happy moments again and again, such as getting a promotion,  winning the lottery, and so on…

Or you can mess around with the play and pause button, where you can freeze special moments in your life like the moment when you have seen the best smile on your partner’s face… or to avoid bad things from happening, like when an 18-wheel trailer is just about to run you over and stuff…

And the best part of the control would be the circular motion volume control thing… where you can set the overall noise and volume surrounding you…

And I need that function in my life… for I can’t stand sleeping every night with the faulty air cond on, making sounds that you would think that it came from a battlezone somewhere. I mean, come on, who sleeps with ear plugs on?! Even with those stuck in my ears every night I can still hear it. And most of the time when I’m just about to fall into deep sleep mode, I would just turn off the air cond and let the ceiling fan on… only to be invaded by the hums coming from those irritating flapping wings of those annoying mosquitoes!

This shows how miserable my life is… I can’t even sleep properly…

On a brighter note… buy an iPod. It’s the second best thing compared to… whatever is the best thing in your life.


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