The One With The Baboon Face

“Eh Lam ah Lam, you look there and see” *points to the left side of the sky

“Erm, what is it?”  I replied…

“You don’t see it meh? You see the cloud there…”

“Oh, now I see it.. why ah?” I replied…

“You see the cloud in the sky there? Looks like you lah, baboon face…”

Baboon Face!!??!?

You mean I look like this???


*bazooka aimed at my heart…* KAPOOM~~~!



2 Responses to “The One With The Baboon Face”

  1. u are way better than baboon 😛

    or baboon’s ass. HAHAHAA.

    ANYWAY, i wonder did the person who made comments like this observe baboon’s ass ?! how does he know that ur face looks like ” baboon’s ass” :PP

  2. Thanks for making me feel ‘happier’… baboon’s ass face or baboon face or whatever…, I know I’m ugly. I remember you told me that before… hmm, I wonder when, haha…

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