The One With My First Semester In UCSI

God is amazing…

Everything looked… doomed. Bad. Terrible. I’m of course speaking of the past half a year ago. I could still remember how lost I were and how troubled I was back then, when my application to University of Nottingham failed, and suddenly I find myself in a loophole of some sort. I was not continuing my education, and it almost seemed as if I wouldn’t wanna do anything at all back then. Then God moved…

“Do not look left and right. Do not be startled. Stay on the track that you’re supposed to walk on and do not turn your eyes away from it”, were the exact words that God had for me. And stayed on I did…

I’m of course speaking of the decisions I have to make then. In the end I opted to work with my friend, Jackie, in Giant Retails for a period of 3 months before deciding to ‘stay on the track’… in other words, to do with my education.

I graduated with a diploma in business management from Tunku Abdul Rahman College. But does that mean I’m supposed to continue on with business courses in my later stages of my education? And it doesn’t help that I did not like the whole business course I did, let alone having to survive it for the next 3 years. It is then when it hit me again… “stay on the track…”

I’m not even supposed to do business in the first place. To many who knew, I was supposed to do mass comm in Tunku Abdul Rahman College. I had the offer letter, I was about to pay the fees. When suddenly the whole business decision ruined it, and of course I did business then. For the next year from then… my life went to a complete mess.

I will not go on to say how much of a mess it became. But there were lots of hurt and pain in the process. One which involves breaking hearts and stuff. And broke mine too. But anyways… yeah in a nutshell I decided to make the switch and do mass comm instead in the current university I’m in now, University College Sedaya International.

And boy oh boy… I am not kidding. Things suddenly to go back on track again, I must admit. Once again, I will not go on to say how much of a change it is, but I shall present it in a point form manner… so that I can one day look back in my own archive and see this and smile. And yes I will definitely smile. Ok here goes:

1) Made new friends… as in lots of new friends…

2) Played for UCSI Christian Fellowship’s Easter Rally, an awesome and amazing experience…

3) Finally doing something which I can relate to… and no accounting in syllabus is a huge plus…

4) Made more new friends (ok I know this is redundant… but really the amount of friends and contacts I have gotten in the past 3 months in UCSI are ridiculously a lot… so come to UCSI if you need friends, haha…)

5) Lost some weight. Not a lot… but enough to put on the old pants again… haha…

6) And finally… fell in love.

I hope by the time I open up this post in my archives next time, I would have been able to add more stuff to the list… but most of all, I could look back and grin, smile, laugh… whatever it is…

Speaking of which, the semester is coming to an end. Finals coming. Time seemed to pass by so fast here. But I’m loving every single hour. Minute. Second. Milisecond. Of it.


4 Responses to “The One With My First Semester In UCSI”

  1. I’m glad that you’ve made a lot of friends in UCSI. Wow I can’t believe that you had such a miserable life before. Somehow I was also like that but thanks be to God that I can continue my studies here in Malaysia and then that’s where my life has changed and most of all, it has been re-written!

    *ahem* #6, who is the one u fell in love with huh? 😛 hehe… Don’t hide from me, sooner or later i’ll find out anyway. So u better tell me! haha!!

  2. Ahaha…yay…i’m one of ur kawan as well that u met…emmm…ya..i think so…muahaha

  3. Robin: Yeah, my life is indeed miserable. It still is, haha… and no, I’m not telling you who/what is it. You have to find out yourself.

    KelvinK: Yes yes, you’re one of them , you vain universe…

  4. […] leaving my previous campus life behind (click HERE and HERE), I kinda thought to myself that it would be hard to go back to campus life and things […]

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