The One With The Sunburst Concert 2

I survived Sunburst Music Festival 2008….

It’s really a nice experience, and it certainly lifted the whole standard on music concerts and performances, kudos to the organizing team, Pineapple for such a great job.

So what’s the best performance of the night you ask? Of course it’s gotta be Incubus! But that’s cuz I’m a rockerhead, so definitely the night goes to Incubus. But not forgetting the other stars as well, such as The Roots, Incognito and John Legend. I enjoyed John Legend’s set the most if I were to choose from the three. And darn that lucky Indian lady who went up to slow dance with him. She must be envy of all ladies out there… and men too.

Caught a glimpse of our own acts in action as well, such as Reza Salleh and Meet Uncle Hussein. Che’Nelle performed too, but it was only a mediocre performance I heard… was too busy swooning away to John Legend…

Incubus took center stage by 12am, and their song list goes something like this:

1) Quicksand

2) Kiss To Send Us Off

3) Nice To Know You

4) Wish You Were Here

5) Anna Molly

6) Vitamin

7) Favorite Things (thanks Shariman!)

8) The Warmth

9) Drive

10) Pistola

11) Talk Show On Mute

12) Sick Sad Lil World

13) Megalomaniac

At this point, it seemed as though they were really closing their set already, with Search’s banner appearing on their backdrop. Lots of people started to leave the place. When suddenly…

ENCORE TIME!!! And they continued with:

14) Stellar

15) Circles

16) Aqueous Transmission

Haha, to all who left before the encore, it’s either you missed it, or you had to ran all the way back to where you once were (which is like… the length of two football fields?). Losers…

So what did it cost me? Let’s see:

Sunburst ticket: RM0

Tuborg Beer: RM10

Fish and Chips: RM10

Coffee Bean Ice-blended: RM10

Misc. items: RM15

So all in all… I spent RM45 to watch Incubus, John Legend, The Roots and Incognito live. I’m a happy person… haha…

Of course, when reality snaps back, the backaches and sores and what nots started to creep in… sigh…

Back to assignments… and shift focus to UCSI Christian Fellowship’s Easter Rally.


5 Responses to “The One With The Sunburst Concert 2”

  1. you measure your happiness with RM? thats pathetic. how can you measure happiness by the amount you spent for the night.

    however, john legend sucks.

  2. Dude,the unknown song is Favourite Things from the S.C.I.E.N.C.E album..
    Take care!!

  3. Haha… you got me wrong bro (whoever you are -?-), the fact that I spent quite a little amount of money for the concert compared to if I were to spend more, that fact made me happier as in i can save some money instead of breaking the bank account for it. However, it all depends on how you look at it. To John Legend… he performed well that night. Kudos to the man will ya?

    Thanks Shariman for the info!

  4. dude, u forgot,


    cheers! 🙂

    p.s. and John Legend werent sucky.

  5. yes yes… sorry for the mistake, i really did forgot Are You In…, thanks bro for reminding!

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