The One With The Things You Do When You’re Bored

What are the things that you do when you’re bored?

Watch idiot box TV?

Do outdoor activities?




Pretend you’re not bored?


Net surfing?

Chat on the phone?

Pretend to be dead?

Well… if none of the above applies to you as it did to me when I’m bored try doing this new thing that I did today when I’m bored to death…:












and I’m still bored…


4 Responses to “The One With The Things You Do When You’re Bored”

  1. dengz.u’re getting more adorable. Nice blogskin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  2. no comment.Haha. i shall not complain about you playng football manager anymore because drawing those are wayway worst than playing your football manager. random wei this one..

  3. Manda: No im not adorable… I’m supposed to be fierce looking and all that stuff…

    JoJo: Wa….wa…. ok fine, when I play football manager you jangan curse saya ok??? But I like the third picture (I believe I was trying to draw a lion’s mouth… but tak jadi…), and yes this is totally random, like your INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES….

  4. […] But there are better instances of  Stupidity on the net as we see by this dopey fucker that lacks enough imagination to know masturbation beats this amount of boredom any day […]

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