The One With The Many Names…

It’s still okay if people call me fat… I don’t mind…  I am fat nonetheless.

It’s still very much okay when people say that I’m stupid or ugly…  it is a fact nonetheless…

But when people call you a MONK, a FATSO, a MOUSE, a FATTY BUMP BUMP, a SISSY, a WUSS and a FAG all in one day in the span of one hour…

Tell me how would you feel??????????

(random emo moment. Gosh, name callings can be a bit irritating sometimes…)


5 Responses to “The One With The Many Names…”

  1. eyy…dont lah emo. =)


  2. The JoJo has spoken…

    Eh in case ur reading this, I have a better more advanced nickname for u. It’s Mojo JoJo.

    There u go… no need to thank me for my generosity and sheer brilliance…

  3. Kimberly Lee Says:

    i know tht feeling very well… sigh…. my nickname for u is “lam lam”


  4. Kim Kim has spoken…

    Haha, wat a nice nickname u have given me! Now that’s what I would like, haha…

  5. HEY “BIG BRO”!


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