The One With the Random Fridays

Okay so I’m borrowing the blog title from Joshua’s, from now on I’m gonna blog about random stuff every Friday!… not very exciting right? Anyways, we will see how it goes, at least this Random Friday thing will keep this space at least updated once a week.

Well, first off, A HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my friends (that’s you my buddy!). From now on there will be an unofficial Ang Pow count thing by the sidebar of this blog, just to keep track of how many ang pows I have gotten so far. The amount of money will only be told next weekend, so let’s see whether will I get more ang pows but less money or less ang pows but more money……. yeah, whatever.

So, I was at Laundry Bar (Click HERE) last Thursday evening for the Fly FM’s Campur Chart Live Show. And what an amazing crowd it turned out to be, considering the fact that most of the people are away for the weekend holiday. Local acts played on that night, namely Phlowtron and Gerhana Ska Cinta. I’m not such a fan of hip hop and stuff, so I didn’t really enjoy Phlowtron’s performance, though it was really really good and hyped up the crowd. However, Gerhana Ska Cinta was superb! I don’t normally listen to that genre of music (read out: SKA), but it was a really really good show from them and I really enjoyed it, amidst all the crowd and all the smoke and stuff. And the biggest, the BIGGEST thing happened to me on that night. No, I did not get laid but I got to speak with Hani (former Hitz. FM DJ)!!! I almost fainted when I saw her, and when my ever-famous, spotlight hogging friend Prakash went to her to greet her (he knows everyone. Really. Bring him to Mars and chances are he’ll find someone he knows there!). And I was surprised when Prakash brought her to our group of people and introduced her to us! And the best part…. we shook hands!!! Argh!!! Ok, so yeah it’s a bit exaggerated but that’s how I spent the evening of the first day of Chinese New Year. And I won’t regret it, hahaha…

Anyways, onto some other news. I will be acquiring two new guitar effects pedal soon. Yes, I know… I… must… stop… buying… unnecessary… guitar stuffs…

But nah, I will just give in this time around, for I know this time it won’t be a total waste of money. Let me present you, the first pedal!:

1) TC-Electronic’s ND-1 Nova Delay Pedal:


Ain’t it a beauty??? Anyways, yes it is one of the latest range of guitar pedals by TC Electronics, and if you know your stuff, TC has got to be one of the best in making great, studio quality guitar effects. This ND-1 Nova Delay is based on their legendary 2290 Rack Delay Effect, now available in a small, compact form as shown above (it’s not actual size, but it’s pretty compact in size). It features 6 types of delays, and has a unique tap tempo technology, where instead of tapping the tempo of the song with your feet on the tempo knob, you simply hold the knob down with your feet, and as you strum or play the song on your guitar, the unit automatically tracks your playing and suits it with the delay according to the song’s tempo! How amazing is that! Anyways, I do hope to get this baby soon enough, in time for the UCSI CF’s Easter Rally (click HERE for the CF’s blog).

2) Electro Harmonix’s Holy Grail Reverb:


Electro Harmonix’s products are known to be one of the best in the market, and the Holy Grail Reverb pedal is also one of the best reverb pedals out there. What this pedal does is… simply, gives you reverb or echo or echo-ish, trailing sounds. Here you have three modes, the Spring mode (reminds me of country music’s slapback delay kinda thing…), the Hall mode (gives you the sound when you play in a… duh, hall), and Flerb mode (Flanger+Reverb=Flerb.). As you can see… it’s pretty simple, with one knob controlling the reverb gain, and one footswitch. Ah, the simplicity… but… but…

One of my pedals are going the other way… I am trading one of my pedals for this Holy Grail. Which one is it? Stay tuned to find out!

Anyways, I am removing the blog hits counter from the sidebar of my blog. Why? Cuz SOMEONE is getting 12,000 hits while lame blogs like this one gets… way less. Nah, just kidding, but I don’t want to be bothered by readership issues or hits/views anymore. I’m doing what I love to do, which is writing, blogging, whatever you call it. I don’t care whether I have readers or not, or even people commenting on the posts. Sometimes it bugs me on why blogs like Kenny Sia’s or Xia Xue’s gets comments from people wanting to be the First one or Second one to comment (gee, I wish I had that here…), but no offense though, those two are really good bloggers, providing really entertaining stuffs everytime.

So anyhoo… gonna go sleep now. Until the next Random Friday moment, brought you by the brains of a 200-pound Chinese guy who looks older than he is.


3 Responses to “The One With the Random Fridays”

  1. mmmm nova delay. nice blog btw. even nicer pedals.

  2. Imitation is the best flattery I say…. haha…

  3. Z: Thanks yo! Drop by every now and then would ya? Haha…

    Joshua: Yeah, that’s why I’m ‘flattering’ you… haha…

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