The One With The Post Switchfoot Concert (ONE HECK OF A ROCK SHOW!!!)

“This is your life… Are you who you are to be??”

“I don’t want to lose a common ground, with the whole world upside-down,
I don’t want to fight about it now, and the world was burning out…”

“Let’s slow the evening down”…

Those of you who missed it, you have missed one heck of a rock show. Yes I’m talking about Switchfoot, live at KLCC Convention Hall 4, 2nd February 2008.

Yep, went there, rocked hard, and left the building satisfied and happy…

Of course, the opening acts were amazing too, local bands Love Me Butch and Altered Frequency respectively. Really hyped up the crowd before the main act of the night took centerstage…

No nice pictures… as Prakash‘s camera was denied entry into the hall… JUST TO FIND OUT that they are TONNES of other cameras inside, and even spotted some DSLR’s too!

This picture is the best picture which described it all, described the whole concert…of course, taken by none other than… The Noob himself:

Switchfoot’s frontman Jon Foreman interacting with the crowd.

All in all, it felt like a very personal kinda of environment, compared to other concerts where they just play for the sake of playing. Switchfoot really interacted with the crowd, and kudos to Jon Foreman and co. for that.

I’m sure the others will say that too, Prakash, The Noob, Jon Mah, Joanna and Angela (who doesn’t have a blog, come on start blogging…). Awesome, awesome concert…

Next up, (MAYBE…) Sunburst Concert… 15th March 2008…


One Response to “The One With The Post Switchfoot Concert (ONE HECK OF A ROCK SHOW!!!)”

  1. woohoo. Now i dont feel so sakits that i spent 123 bucks to watch 4 hours. amazing concert!

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