The One With Me Believing In Budda…

No… not religion obviously… but I had been hit by my latest wave of guitar pedals addiction… well, I have always been a fan of guitaring and guitar pedals… perhaps it’s time I throw in more guitaring stuff here in this space. So… here goes my latest ‘hits’…:


1) Budda BudWah Wah Pedal




This wah pedal is just awesome! I have never tried it before… but just by hearing the audio samples from Musician’s Friend, I so so totally want this thing! This is different from all the other wah pedals with high pitch sounds, it has a unique sound to it, so much so it’s called the ‘Budda Tone’. It also has this very vocal like wah sound… which is what I dig at this moment… rather than the conventional wah sounds. If you’re asking… is there a need in buying something like this, well the answer is, ask a serious guitarist what a good wah can do for them… and this Budda pedal is definitely the wah pedal that I can add into my collection (s) so far. I believe in the Budda… haha… The good news is… I can definitely get it in Malaysia now, thanks to some contacts in the Jamtank Forum. But the bad news is…it will be pricey. So, Santa, if you’re reading this… please????….


Alright… so the Budda Wah isn’t the only thing I crave at this moment… I’m also being ‘attacked’ by this second wave for this particular effects pedal as well:

2) Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory


Yet another baby… yes, if you can see the similarities… I have a thing for wah pedals now… I was previously hit by the ‘attacks’ for a Dunlop Slash Crybaby Wah, but after awhile it died off… pretty fast too. But back to the main thing… the EX-7… if I have to choose between the Budda Wah and this… I will have this for sure. Not only is it in black (my fav color… and somehow, Budda’s purple does not appeal to me too much…), it can also create a variety of effects, rather than one wah effect like the Budda Wah. It can create wah sounds (two Wahs, Crybaby and Clyde McCoy), whammy sounds, rotary sounds, univibe sounds, flanger sounds, and my personal favorite, the Space Station sounds. If you can understand the guitar language, it’s all good, but if can’t, it’s all gibberish. Ok, to the good news and bad news… well… it’s exactly the same case for the Budda Wah. But between these two, I would want the EX-7 the most, as I can then get rid off my Whammy XP-100… *tsk tsk, the ‘town’ (pedal case..) ain’t big enough for the two of you…

So that’s all for now… hopefully I can get over it…

Btw… Santa, if you’re reading this… I’ve been nice all year long… so…. PLEASE???


4 Responses to “The One With Me Believing In Budda…”

  1. nice pedals… i’m looking at the Morley Tremonti Wah myself. Not sure about the Digitech EX7 though. I heard it isn’t the most user-friendly pedal going around

  2. hey nic! thanks for commenting! I’ve tried the Tremonti Wah previously, and yeah that’s a great wah pedal! but if I want to spend money on a wah… I would want something different. From what I heard, the Budda wah pedal is different compared to any other wah pedal out there. I’ve yet to try it so I can’t be too sure of it.

    I’m not too sure of the EX7 also. But one limitation that I know for sure is the distortion effects, which can’t be use on it’s own. But still, it has all the crazy effects I so so would die for!

  3. yeah go check out harmony central for reviews(though I’m sure you already knew that).
    Atm, I’m using an Epiphone LP Ultra and a Marshall AVT50X, along with some of my brother’s gear. Only thing about most wah pedals (my brother has a Crybaby 535Q) that i dislike is the fact that you have to press hard to turn on and off… something you don’t have to deal with with the Morley =P.
    As you can tell, I’m more for convenience than options hahaha. Good luck with your pedal search.

  4. hey thanks nic! yeah I go to harmony central, musician’s friend, sometimes active musician to do my research. sometimes i go on youtube too to see if it’s available there. oh yeah, helps too, but not too much, I still prefer musician’s friend and harmony central for better reviews at guitars and guitar pedals.

    well, if you’re reading this nic, i’m currently using a Tokai LRS 75Q Les Paul replica, hooked to my Vox Tonelab SE, Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster and Digitech Whammy XP-100. I’ve just acquired a Danelectro Fab Flange for RM50, dunno where to place it on my pedal case yet. Anyways, yeah I do hope I can get at least one of the two wah pedals by the end of this year. Atm, the Budda Wah Pedal seems to be the most likely one…

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