The One With The Butter

Ridiculous things ahead…


The Butter


Yes, butter. Plain butter. Brand unknown. Let’s play a game. Can you guess what is it for? The winner… will get RM20 as a reward for guessing… and of course, the answer is not as simple as spreading it on bread or what…

hint: It has to do with ‘entertaining’ people… 


Note to Jackie: You cannot play this game. Muahaha…


3 Responses to “The One With The Butter”

  1. Why can’t I play? I wanna win 20 bucks from you babe!
    But anyways, I don’t think anyone will EVER guess it right, hahahah!! Happy guessing guys!!

  2. OMG, I can’t think of anything “clean” to do with butter except eat it. You do NOT wanna know what I guessed ahahaha

  3. i think i know what’s on ur head, i sick person… haha… but no, it’s not for that reason ur thinking.

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