The One With The Japanese Inventions…

Ever wonder why Japan is one of the fastest growing country, one of the most economically stable country, most advanced in terms of education and technology and so on and so forth? Well, I don’t know the answer as well. Whatever it is… the Japanese will always be a step ahead of us (us, as in Malaysians lah). Here’s a few of their inventions which might take the world by storm someday…. someday….:



The Amazing Whole Body Umbrella


Theme Song: Umbrella by Rihanna


Ever had the times when your umbrella just ain’t enough to keep you dry when it’s raining? Especially when it’s pouring cats and dogs? Fret not…this whole body protecting umbrella will ensure you’ll be as dry as a whistle when you reach your destination, be it raining cats and dogs, or… raining turtles and oysters…



The Amazing Plumber-Head Thing


Theme Song: Trouble Sleeping by Corrine Bailey Rae


Ever had those moments when you just fell asleep in the train or bus, or when someone else asleep and they kept swinging their head like some mad on-ecstasy person? Here’s another wonderful invention, for those who have no choice but to fall asleep in the bus or train. Keeps your head in one position only. And there seems to be a lil sign there as well, maybe it’s to tell others that the person’s asleep, so don’t bother or something.




The Amazing Child Mop



 Theme Song: Sweet Child Of Mine by Guns N’ Roses




Imagine you have a few months old child. Being young and curious, but not being able to walk, will just crawl to wherever in the house. Since they are already crawling and dragging themselves on the floor, why not put it to good use? The Amazing Child Mop guarantees the perfect shine and dust free floors every time your toddler sprawls and drags him/herself around. Babies are not included.



The Amazing Hot Noodle Cooler



 Theme Song: Hot In Herre by Nelly





What an ingenious creation! For those who cant handle hot noodles in their mouth, this is the perfect tool for them. No need to wait for your bowl of noodles to cool down before you consume it. Noodles not included with the package…. I think.




The Amazing Shoe Umbrella



 Theme Song: Knocks Me Off My Feet by Stevie Wonder




The perfect follow up gadget to The Amazing Whole Body Umbrella! This is for those who cant bother to get wet during the rain, but must keep their shoes dry whatever it takes. Perfect for those who spent a fortune on branded shoes.




The Amazing Butter Stick




 Theme Song: ‘Butter’flies and Hurricanes by Muse


Hunger comes. All you have is plain bread. And we all know how plain bread sucks. Now, you have The Amazing Butter Stick! Never again will you have plain bread, anytime, anywhere you can spread the lovely layers of butter from the Butter Stick onto your bread! Warning: Do not confuse this with the UHU glue stick.




The Amazing Tissue Roll Holder




 Theme Song: Sick Sad Little World by Incubus




When you’re sick, especially when it’s influenza, it’s always helpful to have tissue papers everywhere you go for you to clear your nose and stuff, but there’s always limited space to keep those tissue papers with you. With this Amazing Tissue Roll Holder, you’re strapping it on your head, which will increase mobility of retrieving the tissue paper, and at the same time taking care of the limited space to store the papers! You’re literally using your HEAD to do the job!




The Amazing Bolster Cuddler




 Theme Song: Lonely by Akon 




The perfect tool for single women out there who wants the cuddles and the warmth of men while they sleep. As you can see, it’s available in three colours, for every different ‘needs’ (the dominant male type=green, the soft yet strong male=blue, or the metrosexual male=pink). This product is meant for the ladies only… I think.






The Amazing Breast Feeding Tool


Theme Song: Where Did My Baby Go by John Legend






For men or ladies who want to experience breast feeding first hand, this gadget allows users to fully fool the baby into thinking that the milk that he/she is drinking is from the mother’s breasts. Mothers will be happy to turn this responsibility over to the father.


The Amazing Winnie The Pooh Bread Toaster

Theme Song: What else? The Winnie the Pooh theme song! 

For those who just want a little extra to go with their toast. Also, it attracts children to consume the bread, but then, that would mean they are actually ‘eating’ Winnie the Pooh, which sends out a wrong message. Whatever it is, go grab this if you want to see Winnie the Pooh on your toast, every morning!

Well, that’s it. Look out for these things in the supermarket, malls and stuff. I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely get the whole body umbrella thing if it’s available… that is, if it can fit my size…


11 Responses to “The One With The Japanese Inventions…”

  1. Your really digging the old photos…

  2. Hey, some japanese lady here in APTS actually has that winnie the pooh toaster!

  3. these are shite ! 🙂 x

  4. Wow! these are weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. what the hell!this is hilariouds and wut the f****!!!

  6. Actually the sign on that “Amazing Plumber-Head Thing” it’s saying to wake me up when I get to the station written in big lettering

  7. hahaha xDD omg this is grate! i like this baby mop xD it’s for houswifes who are to lazy to do it them selfs, and the butter is like a good solution, why not? xDD

  8. […] things from other countries, i especially like most of the bizarre things that seem to come out of japan. i love the way, that they use the minimal space that they have. thus they invented a little bed […]

  9. is the butter stick reall…is it in stores today

  10. trouble sleeping…

    […]The One With The Japanese Inventions… « “Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of Lam.”[…]…

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