The One With Me After Working After 3 Days With Giant

I gotta say, it is a tough job. I didn’t expect anything good out of it, so I went in with low expectations and all. As in, really really low expectations. And it paid off in a way, cuz it is really tough and stressful in the long run. I wished I only had to work these 3 days, cuz I dunno how I can persevere through the next 80 plus days! Argh! But yeah, all jobs are supposed to be difficult, I understand.

What’s my job you ask? I’m working as a Temporary Category Assistant. A better sounding name or title for ‘SLAVE’. I’m working in the Vege Dept., together with my babe, Jackie, and Steven, our superior. Reason why I got into this job is cuz Jackie’s manager will be on maternity leave soon, so I’ll be covering her loophole at the being and assist Jackie in whatever I can. So stop asking me why the heck I took this job in the first place, it’s not just for fun. I’m doing something good…

I think I can handle it. Should not be a problem though…

Ok that’s it. I dun wana blog about something miserable…


3 Responses to “The One With Me After Working After 3 Days With Giant”

  1. Haha, your babe huh. Anyways, work is never fun. Just ask Josh, we hated “work” vehemently. However God was gracious and MacAsia was actually not a bad place to work ^^

  2. Lol! that Giant logo in ur last post is SO funny… i dunno why!! hahaha… man, their logo stinks! and all their products are designed in the same mould too… really funny man.
    Anyways, i hear from jackie u’re doing really well! keep it up man! impress the bosses and get some good recommendations for ur future jobs! it will be worth the 3 months of suffering…
    Btw, u need to come to Baguio someday!! n check out the guitarist at Cafe Klatsch!! he is AWESOME! i’m thinking about coming here for a few months in the future just to learn from him.

  3. Oh babe, you’ve been doing a great job! I’m sure you will be a great help to me for the next three months! Keep up the good work!!

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