The One Where The Special Ain’t The Special One No More

Yes folks, it’s confirmed…

To all Chelsea supporters, don’t frown… there will always be another ‘Special One’ to appear out of nowhere to take control… but it still won’t work cuz Manchester United will still woop your sorry arses bottoms…

To all Liverpool supporters, err, won’t make any difference for you guys anyway, you all are still light years behind. Try again a few seasons from now…

To all Tottenham supporters, for Ferguson’s sake, just sell Dimitar Berbatov to Manchester United! Oh… and yeah, as much as Liverpool are light years behind, you guys are light years behind the light years of Liverpool. Try again… actually, just don’t try, don’t waste your time…

To the rest of the clubs, whatever… keep ‘fighting’ for survival! Cuz you guys are waaaaaaaaayyyy behind….

Oh sorry, this post is for the ‘Special One’, Mr Jose Mourinho…


Well, like what Jon said, he had his moments there. Delivering their first Premier League crown in over 50 years, repeating the feat for the following season, amongst other cups and stuff that he won, I must say that yes, he is indeed a very talented manager. Though he is arrogant, and always look like he needs a shower badly, I’m sure he’ll still be a good football manager somewhere else. And oh yes, please learn your lesson Jose, and that is don’t succumb to money! You learned this the HARD way from where you once belonged…


Kezman (player in blue): Boss! You are gonna get fired if you keep doing your silly dance when we score goals!

Jose: Hey you! Watch your language, or somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad. I’m not telling who, but somebody… I think you know the person VERY WELL…..




That person is you Jose. (whip lash sound)

However ‘Special’ you are Jose, you are no longer… ‘Special’ now…


(this is for the sake of people who don’t follow football and needs the word ‘FIRED’ to make them understand better) 



3 Responses to “The One Where The Special Ain’t The Special One No More”

  1. 1-0!! 1-0!! 1-0!! 1-0!!

    sounds like MU now 😛

  2. hey, he left by mutual consent, not fired

  3. ok, this is for chris’ sake…

    The board room meeting went for 7 hours after the Rosenberg game, where in the end Abramovich just told the board to fire Mourinho.

    Of course, the board would not want to do so, as it will put a shame to Mourinho. He was then given a mutual consent offer, and he took it. So, he was actually fired. Like, roti telur is still normal roti but just with egg? But it’s still roti?

    Chris, don’t get so worked up on it. No point our frenship became sour just cuz of this.

    I dunno la, but I just want to end this up by saying this, Chelsea don’t suck. It’s the board and Abramovich.

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