The One Where Dave&Nechelle Are Getting Married

Free publicity for my dear friend’s wedding here (not that they need it…)!

Time really passes by so, so, so quickly. In a blink of an eye, my friends are getting married one by one. My former classmate got married last year, and I’m a bad guy with poor memory cuz I forgot his name actually… my friend Lemuel got married like 2-3 years ago, but it still felt like it’s recent (he and his wife, Melanie, are expecting a child soon! Way to go! Haha..).

And now it’s my other friend, David’s turn to get married.  All I can say is… I’m really, really happy for you. If you’re reading this Dave, I just want you to know that you’ve always been kind of a brother figure to me. So, I’m really happy that such a joyous and wonderful thing is gonna happen to your life. And to Nechelle too, if she’s reading this… by the way Dave, the pictures on your ‘WEDDING SITE’ looks great and lovely.

Here’s to Dave and Nechelle’s union.

Oh so lovely… 

Well, sort of knew about the wedding a while ago, but another wedding will take place again. It’s another one of my former classmate. It’s pretty shocking cuz she’s only 22 years old, but she’s getting married. Of course, we are all very happy for her. But it’s pretty bad timing for me, cuz her wedding dinner clashes with my church camp. I have to go back and forth between these two events…

So, here’s to the weddings and all. To my friend… to Dave and Nechelle… and to Lemuel and Melanie… 2-3 years overdue.

Ah… so blissful. Weddings are a good thing. Especially when you hold them dear to your heart. And I do hold them dear to my heart…

And I have to go now… gotta get prepared for church…


7 Responses to “The One Where Dave&Nechelle Are Getting Married”

  1. sweet sweet romance 🙂

  2. so Lam… when’s your turn ah?

  3. wah so early ask that question ah haha

  4. among all of us, u definitely will be first! 😛

  5. Steven Wong Says:

    So Lam, what guitar are you going to use?

    Think David is holding a Larivee. The photo shot is getting better and more creative.

    Congrats David and Nechelle.


  6. I think jon will be the first to get married…

  7. I think so too. Well, I guess at the end of the day, great minds think alike…

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