The One Where I’m Hellbent To Lose The Blardy Weight!!!!!

Man, I dunno how many umpteenth times I’ve said this… but… but… but… I MUST LOSE WEIGHT!! Damn it!

So, I figure, what would be the best way to lose the junk… by posting it here! So that everyone would know about it, thus pressuring myself to do it…

Yes, folks… please, be like Prakash now, and tell me to control my food intake… encourage me to sports and games (video games does not count and badminton cannot be played alone), and please, for my sake, stop bringing me to Murni SS2!!

Maybe I should have one last ‘proper’ meal before I plunge into this act…

Maybe tomorrow after my cell group… my last supper…

Okay so now, I’ll chart my progress every now and then…

Here goes the first part of the painful fact:

Current Weight: 109kg

Yep… that’s how much I weigh now…

Okay, need to start small right? Waking up later at 6 for my jogs, and dropping my breakfast and lunch. One last proper meal, my dinner/supper, for tomorrow night, and that’s it for the ‘proper’ meal…


6 Responses to “The One Where I’m Hellbent To Lose The Blardy Weight!!!!!”

  1. heyyyy..u gonna start jogging? around where? hehe..
    keep it up..and let me know how it goes…=)All the best too!

  2. I can’t jog very far or cover a distance, Jes. At most, I can only complete one round, from outside my house, all the way to the chinese temple there (dunno whether u know where it is), and turn back to my place. I’d be gasping for air then dy…

  3. wellll, its always like this for starters..dun woriee..u keep up with ur daily dose of running, and i am Very sure, ull get betta!

  4. Hey count me in man haha…. I gotta lose weight too sigh… I’m sofa king fat >_<

  5. Steven Wong Says:


    Think of it this way; you can go faster in your Myvi and more economical cos less weight means your Myvi use less petrol.

    Let us know your progress so that we can cheer you on. Good ‘Luck’

  6. Hi all…

    I hurt my leg when I came back from church just now… dunno whether can continue running… scared will injure it more…

    Yep Steven… always harsh and sarcastic on words but true nonetheless! Haha… but is it me, or is it that the MyVi fuel consumption really melampau? Like… one week have to pump twice if I cover long distance… anyways, Steven when can u pass me your Squire? I’m very free now, can repair for u!

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