The One With The Running Zombies, and It’s Freaking Scary!

Or, maybe not zombies, but the INFECTED ones, as they were called in the movie, 28 DAYS LATER, and 28 WEEKS LATER…


Now, why would I be afraid of ZOMBIES (in case you didn’t know, zombies are supposedly dead humans coming back from the dead again, and supposedly craves for human flesh and blood)? I mean, there’s no need to be afrad of them right? They are slow, they can’t even walk straight. I bet they can’t see perfectly as well, as their eyes would be covered in blood or some goo or something… look, point is… there’s no need to be afraid of zombies. You can easily run away from them, even if they were in a group. And even if they come at you, just prepare yourself with a baseball bat or something and just whack their heads off. There’s no need to be afraid…


Until now…



Yes, it’s really scary as hell. Directed by DANNY BOYLE, the brains behind another exceptional movie science fiction movie, Sunshine, Boyle really reinvents the whole fear for zombies/things that looks like zombies. He took away the things that made zombies so seemingly harmless creatures, their poor sense of direction, their whole ‘blur’ factor, and yes, the ability to RUN!!! I mean, those are exactly what these zombies, or called Infected, as in the movie, needed.


Synopsis ahead (skip this part if you want to watch the movie)


Some scientist freaks decided to come up with some virus or something called RAGE (ever noticed that all bad things happens when a scientist decides to do some crazy, random stuff?, and had injected it into a bunch of chimpanzees for experiments. Some animal activists group came in and broke the containment glass, thus releasing the infected chimp, thus killing everyone including the researcher himself (yeah I know, damn stupid right?).


So, some 28 days later, the main character, Jim (Cillian Murphy, who btw is so hot. I think I’m falling for him.. even though I’m straight), wakes up from his coma in this hospital in London. When he soon discovers he’s the only one left in the whole of London at that time, some Infected ones managed to find him (actually, it’s more like Jim found them, since he’s the one who went to the chapel first), and was rescued by 2 other survivors, or Un-infected ones.


And so the story goes on and on, read it HERE… too lazy to type it out…


And so the story for 28 Days Later ended. But it was scary… I could not sleep that very night I watched it… ok, so I have a fear for the Infected ones… but I never thought it would be this scary…


And then I saw this…


A sequel to 28 Days Later. And so… I thought, maybe I won’t be as scared as previously, like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Or so… I thought to myself then..

Synopsis (skip this if you want to watch it for yourself as well)

Story picks up where 28 Days Later ended… after 28 weeks, the Infected had died of starvation (the only known weakness of the Infected ones… is that they don’t know how to eat!), the whole of UK was quarantined and after 28 weeks later, was re-opened and ready for reconstruction process.

But before all that, the story starts with this group of survivors… in a rural countryside cottage, heavily guarded and protected from the outside world. Suddenly there’s this kid outside who shouted for help, and the group decided to get the kid in… only for the Infected ones to discover ther hideout, and started their whole Infecting process. A man called Don, selfishly and narrowly escaped through the river by the cottage on the speedboat, leaving his wife, the kid who cried for help, and the group of survivors behind…

And so, after that, Tammy (Imogen Poots, who is such a hot babe!) and Andy returned from somewhere, back to UK after that quarantined period, to meet up with their father, Don.

All is well, until the US forces (yes, the US forces formed a NATO group to stay in UK for protection and eradication) found Alice, Don’s forsaken wife. She’s infected by the RAGE virus, but she’s somehow immune to it. As the scientists prepares to do some research on Alice, on the possibility that she might be the cure for the RAGE virus, Don had to come in and give Alice some PDA (Public Display of Affection), and thus, getting himself infected by the RAGE virus, and thus, recreating the whole 28 Days Later group of Infected ones again…

And yada yada yada… full story HERE… again, too lazy to type out…

And yes, even without the ooh-so-handsome Cillian Murphy, this movie is definitely better than the previous one. More action, more bloody Infected ones…

All is well… until…

28 Months Later.

Yes… it’s confirmed that Danny Boyle and his team will come up with 28 Months Later, making this a whole trilogy thing.

I’m still doubtful whether I would want to watch it when it comes out in theaters, but like they say… all trilogies must be complete!

Talking about trilogies being complete, I have yet to watch Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 yet…

All in all, I give these two movies two thumbs up! If I have three thumbs, then it would be three! Okay, ratings wise, I give 28 Days Later a 3.5 out of 5, and 28 Weeks Later, a strong 4 out of 5…

But… this post… is dedicated, to my fear of these running zombies… may they never, EVER appear in real world… never… ever….. never…. ever….






(writer gone crazy at this point, dashing to hide underneath his blanket on his bed…)


8 Responses to “The One With The Running Zombies, and It’s Freaking Scary!”

  1. both really scared the sh!t outta me! but i like 28 days more, 28 weeks lots of plot holes actually…

    really looking forward for the 3rd movie.

  2. yeah, really looking forward to the 3rd movie, 28 Months Later…

    28 days was original… but for me, compared to 28 weeks, 28 weeks had more action and of course… more Infected! Argh!!

    Yeah, it scared the sh!t and p!ss outta me as well…

  3. stil duno whether it’ll b called 28 months later anot lah, rumours only..

  4. I don’t know if i wanna watch it. LOL.

    and and and and and…I have watch Pirates of the Carribean 3 too!!!!

  5. Teme~~~! (which means ‘You’ but in a very angry tone in Japanese, if you watch Bleach, you’ll know what it means)

    So, you’re afraid of them running zombies as well? Haha…

  6. Yeah i watched that movie thinking it would be like any other zombie movie but that really does scare me if the INFECTED come to life in the real world which i hope they dont id probably just kill myself damn scary movie liked the first one better though felt 28 weeks was good but didnt have the same good qualities.

    anyways cant wait for the 3rd one

  7. Haha… yeah now u know how I feel. Seriously, if this thing ever become real, I will just die on the spot. no point running…

  8. Actually the new name has been confirmed…its going to be called

    28 days ago 28 days befor 28 weeks and 28 days ahead of 28 days later

    if that makes sence.

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