Just When You Thought You’ve Seen It All…

Oh gosh, I’m not into like… making fun of other people, nor criticizing others, but I have to introduce this ‘great HEMSEM man’ from Singapore to you all. His name is Steven Lim, you can go to his site by clicking HERE. And no I’m not supporting his site or him, just for the record…


Anyways, to those of you who didn’t know, Mr.HEMSEM (he thinks that he’s the most handsome guy of all time. I say… whatever makes you happy Steven!) had a public feud with another famous Singaporean Blogger, Xiaxue. I don’t really know what happened, but ended up with both sides criticizing each other in the end. Xiaxue named him as the most disgusting blogger in Singapore, while Mr.HEMSEM himself called her a ‘chicken pie’ (not sure why though. Chicken pies are yummy btw…).


Anyways… if you want to have a good laugh and you have time to spare, please click on the following videos of Mr.HEMSEM himself in action:



A video of him criticizing Xiaxue. Notice that his ‘Engrand’ is very ‘powderful’… and his ‘sound effects’ are just superb, ‘CUCKOO CUCKOO!’…


He really likes dancing a lot as well, here is another video of him dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Birrie Jeans’… (it’s Billie Jean btw…)


He thinks he’s so darn good, he even tried out for Singapore Idol:



It bugs me why he was not chosen to proceed through…


Anyways, if you think you have seen it all from Mr.HEMSEM here, wait, he can beatbox as well!!!:



He’s so ‘good’, I think he’ll beat guys like these flat:




Well, what can I say… Mr.HEMSEM, you’re indeed something special. Now I can officially give you this award which I’ve always wanted to give out for a long time, and you’re the deserving one I believe:




Yes, congratulations indeed.

[Update] He sings too. You can just feel the raw emotions flowing from Mr.HEMSEM. Especially when he ‘cries’. I’m so touched…






* No pun intended. No offense to any party as well. Picture taken from some site which I forgot.



4 Responses to “Just When You Thought You’ve Seen It All…”

  1. Holy mother father sister brother!! That guy is a total loser and a retard. Man!!!

  2. He can’t sing, can’t dance, looks like a total ass! That was just terrible.

  3. kimberly Says:

    why is he embarassing himself like that???

  4. Marcus: Yep, I know, I know…

    Kim: I dun think he knows he’s embarrassing himself though. Like what I told Marcus, he could be really really smart, by acting that he’s like this retard, so that he could gain attention, or he’s really really, a retard…

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